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Aug 2, 2006 12:18 AM

car hops

Are there any car hops, drive ins with skating service, in new england?

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  1. In Middlebury, VT there is the A & W Drive-In. Last summer the car hops were on rollerblades. I've been once this year and they were walking. Food is burgers, chicken,fries, onion rings, and of course root beer. There are also a couple of vegetarian offerings as well (this being VT and all!).

    1. We saw car hops, but not on skates, at Fat Boy's in Brunswick ME. It's been years since I saw car hops, not since A&W started opening places in New Hampshire back in the 60s.

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        There's another place right down the street (Bath Rd.) from Fat Boy that also has car hops.

      2. George's Seafood in Mendon, MA has car hops, only certain nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturdays, maybe), but they are not on skates.

        1. We have a new one in Manchester Ct. On broad st. ,It used to be the Dairy Queen then the Kool Cow ice cream bar, now its called Guido's , the girls come out on roller blades and they take your orders and bring them out on the trays that attach to your door like in the old days. Try them quick ,dont know how long they will last. Earle

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            If this place was once located in Enfield (which I think it was)'s pretty decent! check it back! thanks!

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              Yes, this is the same place that was in Enfield. (The old landlord went to high on the rent) Guido said bye bye to Enfield hello Manchester. Food was always great, good polite fast service. He had a cruise night once a week throughout the summer, but the parking at this new Manchester location may be limited.

            2. The Sycamore in Bethel, CT has car hop service, without skates.


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                This place is home of the famous French Style Hamburger...I've seen it on Food TV but never tried it. How is it?

                1. re: masha bousha

                  Freakin' awesome. And don't miss the homemade root beer.