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Aug 2, 2006 12:04 AM

Cost Plus World Market

Anyone shop @ Cost Plus? What are some good buys there? I like their shoestring potato stix but the hispanic market by my house sells them now and that's where I buy my produce, so I don't go very often. I'm sure there is some great stuff though

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  1. I think they have a good wine selection, interesting beers. I also love the greek honey they sell there. Mostly, I go for things I already know and keep an eye out for 'dust' which might indicate a turn around problem... Which I think is the biggest issue with shopping there...


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      Marinara in a glass jar with green label, forget the name. Excellent for doctoring. German potato dumpling mix, condiments, wine. And German Christmas cookies in season.

    2. Red Australian licorice, although they (as well as Trader Joe's) seem to have a distribution issue with this product. When they do have it, it seems to sell out quickly.

      Other than that, it is all sort of impulse shopping. We're there already so we may as well poke around the food section. They used to have pretty good prices on Murphy Goode wines, as well as the South African chenin blanc by Kanu.

      1. I buy a lot of wine there, and a lot of international chocolate and candy. It's definitely worth going.

        1. wine (rex goliath pinot!), "pain is goood" hot sauce (among other pain is good things like bloody marry mix and popcorn), melindas hot sauce, and various other snacks.

          1. Good wine selection and very good prices, esp. when they put things on sale. Also pick up "Oregon Chai" concentrate there. As far as other food items, just love to browse and try different things every time.