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Aug 2, 2006 12:02 AM

Nashville, here we come

In a couple weeks I will be making my first ever trip to Nashville for a conference where we will have one night free for dinner and we want to make it a good one. I've done some research on chowhound and come up with Watermark, Margot Cafe and Radius 10 as possibilities. Out of these three, or any place else in the city for that matter, what would you recommend for a fairly adventurous, possibly boisterous, group of 10 - 12? Thanks.

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  1. Watermark is gaining a great reputation and following, the chef is from Birmingham's Highland Grill. Margot is good and a fun place but might be pretty small for a larger group, ask for upstairs. I have not heard anything good or bad about Radius, but I will ask around. A few other ideas are Park Cafe on Murphee Road, Germantown Cafe near Biccentennial Mall and Zola off of West End. All seem to be consistant and good, hard to find in Nashville.

    1. Watermark can handle your party of 10 to 12. Haven't been to Radius 10 so I don't know the physical layout, but there is a growing buzz about it.

      1. I have been to both, and I give the edge to Radius 10 over Watermark. I think the food is plated and tastes slightly better, though Watermark is very good. (FYI, I don't think Watermark's chef is from Highlands Grill. I think one of the guys running the place also was part of Stitt's team in B'ham. Radius 10's chef is young and formerly of "Fish out of Water" at Watercolor in South Walton, FL. I ate there too, and he is a real talent. Very confident w/o too much flash.) Margot is superb, but probably too small for you.

        1. I always hit Noshville when I'm in Nashville for lunch. It's at 1918 Broadway. The place is amazing. I didn't know I loved matzah ball soup. The smoked fish platter is incredible. I never get tired of the place. Saw Gary Busey in there a couple of months ago, by the way. Good coffee, too.

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