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Aug 1, 2006 11:54 PM

Best Grandma Slice?

The best I have had so far is at Rocco's on 19th and 7th Ave. Are there any other places that have really good crispy grandma slices?

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  1. In Brooklyn, Grandma's on 3rd Avenue near 70th makes a great Grandma pie, fresh mozzarella optional. You can also get it on a whole wheat or semolina crust. Nino's on 3rd and 92nd (or thereabouts) also makes a really good grandma pie.

    1. Yes, Grandmas on 3rd is excellent
      I also like their old fashioned, very similiar to Spumoni Gardens square

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      1. re: bruklinboy

        Grandma's on 3rd where? I love a good grandma slice and they dont have them everywhere here in Manhattan. I'm on houston and Mott.

        1. re: 2slices

          3rd ave brooklyn
          btween ovington and bay ridge ave in bay ridge

          1. re: bruklinboy

            Nino's would be the place I would go for a grandma's slice in Bay Ridge. 92nd St and 3rd Ave. I was happy when Grandma's opened up because it's close to my mother's house, but it far better to drive over to Nino's.

            1. re: joyvan

              nino's is it.

              i believe lenny's in bensonhurst is basically the same place, thought i haven't been there ('cept by watching saturday night fever).

      2. Funny just had a grandma slice yeserday and it was crispy. In williamsburg n7th and driggs. Driggs pizza is the best round here.

        1. What is a Grandma slice? I tried googling it but I am still confused.

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          1. re: chioubacca

            Here's a well-reported explanation from Newsday's Erica Marcus (who posts here sometimes), reposted by a pizzeria on Long Island, where "grandma" was born:

            This story also appeared last year in Ed Levine's book "Pizza: A Slice of Heaven."

            1. re: squid kun

              Erica's description sounds exactly like the square pie at L&B Spumoni Garden. I dont know how far back that one goes - weve certainly been eating it since the mid-80s when a guy on Bay Parkway sent me over there. (not sure its as good now as then)

              1. re: squid kun

                How thin/crispy is the bottom--is it similiar to regular pizza but cooked on a pan instead of a pizza oven? I grew up eating thin-crust style pizza in Minneapolis and it was VERY crispy and light--they cut it into squares because a whole slice would probably crack in half. I have never found anything similir to it here in NYC...

                1. re: erikka

                  The reason you've never found anything like Minnesota pizza here in New York is...ready?...the reason is: NY PIZZA IS BETTER BY FAR. That said, I like a thin crust, too, but if it's going to crack in half, there's something wrong there. Floppy thin sucks, but so does crackly thin. The best pizza I've had is in Italy (it's nothing like ours, but still it's great. We make better "American" type pizza than they do in Italy, but what they do make is amazing!). The best pizza I remember is in the borough of the Bronx. There are some in Manhattan, Queens and of course Brooklyn (I can't speak for Staten Island, but hell, that's Jersey anyway hahahaha). The Bronx has the Italian food!

                  1. re: RickTheClamBellyFan

                    Una Pizza Napoletana - 12th stret b/w 1st & 2nd

                    Best Neapolitan Pizza in New York. Been there with a friend from Italy who swears it equals her favorite place in Naples.

                    This isn't about grandma slice but if ur gonna bring up the above I'm gonna drop this in. Sorry for wrong category.

                    1. re: 2slices

                      I think you may be thinking of Motorino, friend. I just can't think of another pizza place there hmmmmm. I'm probably wrong seeing as Motorino doesn't do slices at all, but it's a great place to check out. Sorry for the unnecessary reply

                      1. re: zsgoldberg

                        5 years ago motorino didn't exist friend.

            2. Vinny's Pizzeria in Carroll Gardens (Court @4th Place), while otherwise ordinary, is worth a visit for their Grand Ma (sic.) It's thin and crunchy, topped with a sweet, well-seasoned sauce and fresh mozzarella. Worth a stop in combination with Abilene, or even Frankie's...

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              1. re: sadie

                YES! Vinny's Grand Ma is great!