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Aug 1, 2006 11:39 PM

Fage yogurt as a substitute?

I saw an interesting recipe for asparagus soup on epicurious, and it calls for creme fraiche. I was wondering if I can substitute Fage (Greek) yogurt? If so, should I use the same amount of yogurt as the amount of creme fraiche called for in the recipe? Thanks

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  1. I would not do it. The yoghurt is going to be a lot more tart than creme fraiche. It will change the flavor balance of the recipe.

    1. I've been subbing Fage/Total yogurt for everything that calls for sour cream and even heavy cream and I think it's great!

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        Me, too, including chilled soups, Indian dishes, or as a topping for blintzes, peirogies or tacos. Thank you.

      2. I think it would work because the Fage yogurt is'nt so tart. Would you be adding it to a hot soup? if so then the fat content is an issue, you would need full fat then, otherwise fold in a lowfat when the soup is cooled.

        1. I substitute both creme fraiche and sour cream with Fage yogurt whenever possible. The thing to watch out for is that yogurt can curdle if added to a stir fry or soup at high heat, whereas creme fraiche will not. This is not a problem with baked goods such as coffee cake.


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