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Aug 1, 2006 10:35 PM

Tonight Dinner Picky Eater

We are going out with an old friend with finicky eating habits. I pride myself on getting him to eat eggplant by putting it in fritters so he thought of it as pancakes....otherwise, though, it's meat, meat, meat.

We have been wanting to try that Indian place in SF that's been raved about here. Can't remember the name but remembered that it was on Sutter or Jones up and away from Union Square. HOWEVER, aside from not knowing the name or location, I don't know if there'd be anything for him to eat....I'm sure he wouldn't mind tandoori or rice, but anything else he'd probably balk.

Any ideas? We're thinking of going to Taddich where he can order breaded veal cutlet, etc.

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  1. was it Sultan the Indian place? a report here:

    I'd pick Tajine, SF for Moroccan food, my report:

    or Helmand, SF in North Beach (Afghan food) my report:

    or Blvd (for meat dishes)-board favorite, Morton's post here:

    or House of Prime Rib-board favorite, Curtis post here:

    Tadich Grill is good too, my post:

    1. What about a Persian restaurant? There is plenty of meat and rice to choose from.


      or Alborz

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        Or you could give Oola a try. Ribs, burger, steak are all on the menu