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Aug 1, 2006 10:28 PM

Solo Dining in/around SoHo, Tribeca?

In town on business at a hotel near Canal and Lafayette and looking for recommendations for good places to eat nearby that will also be solo friendly. Recommendations?

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  1. Check out La Esquina's cafe on Lafayette near Broome. They even have magazines for the solo diner.

    1. mexican radio
      19 cleveland place btwn spring and kenmare
      (sit at the bar)

      20 spring st btwn elizabeth and mott

      227 mott btwn prince and spring

      232 elizabeth st btwn houston and prince

      194 elizabeth btwn prince and spring
      (sit up front at little tables or at bar)

      cafe colonial
      73 e. houston at elizabeth

      80 spring st btwn broadway and crosby

      1. Thanks to both of you; what an intriguing list. I think I'm off to Mexican Radio - a good margarita and good quacamole would really hit the spot right now. :-)

        1. I personally like to eat by myself on the lounge side at Dylan Prime on Laight street. They serve their full menu plus they have some great food on the bar menu as well... then there's Dani on Hudson and Walkers on N. Moore