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Aug 1, 2006 10:20 PM

Fall River, MA Restaurants

I have a short business trip to Fall River next week. Any restaurant recommendations???

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  1. I've only been to FR once, to visit friends, and we went to the Abbey Grill. It's a restaurant in an old converted church that is run by students at the Intl. Institute of Culinary Arts. Their restaurant changes daily and from what I remember the prices were pretty reasonable.

    1. If baked stuffed lobster sounds good, then head across the river to the Venus de Milo. It's a big wedding/banquet facility that also has a public dining room. If you're getting the lobster, bear in mind that the "select" size is more than big enough for the average person. Skip dessert and head across the street to the Somerset Creamery for some awesome homemade ice cream. Ah, sometimes I miss my hometown.

      1. Fall River has a large Portuguese population. Here's a link to an old post on Sagre's. I've been back a few times since and always enjoyed it.

        1. Indeed. Sagres is one of the best Portugese restaurants in Fall River. A few thngs that you might try are: a cup of the Caldo Verde soup, Bacchalau de gome sa, Portugese style steak and egg, and of course, their Pork and Littleneck clams, for which they are well known.

          For something a little different, you can google Hartly's Pork Pies in Fall River. They are the last of a group of Meat pie bakeries, for which Fall River was famous at the turn of the Century. They Have Chicken, pork and Chorizio pot pies for $1.25 ea. Warm from the ovens, they are impossible to resisit eating out of hand. So buy extras for warming up the next day.

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            ha..Louis..I think it was you that first recommended Sagres...and I'm glad I took your advice..:)

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              Yes, it was 9lives. When you visit Fall River again, you may also want to take my reccomendation on Hartlys pork pies. They are incredible little morsels of goodness. They travel well and will still be great the next day, warmed up for 30 seconds in a microwave. Ask for extra juice on the chicken pies.

              Also, a stroll through Chaves Market, at the bottom of Columbia St. can be very productive. Hand made chorizo, barbequed pork and goat, fresh and frozen fish, and a great wine selection.

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                Louis, thanks for the FR recs. Just spent two days in SE Mass and your recommendations were spot-on. Went to Sagres for lunch (great bacalhau a Gomes de Sa!) and also to Chaves Market. They have loads of Azorean stuff you can't find here in Newark's Ironbound--breads, tuna, liquors, etc. I was also surprised to find a branch of Seabra's Supermarket, like the ones in Newark, on Route 6 in Swansea. Bought a pack of linguica hot-dogs...never seen them here before. Must be a Mass Portuguese thing?

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                  Glad you enjoyed the recs. When you find yourself in the area again, you might want to try New Bedford. It's 20 minutes from FR, and will expand your options for Portugese treasures, by a great deal. Since much of the Portugese fishing fleet, uses the NB docks as home base, the local markets & restaurants all have fresh, daily caught selections. The Brizillian Churascarrias & Rodizio's are beginning to show up throughout the area, and make a nice addition to the dining scene. You can always search my postings for past recommendations in both New Bedford and Fall River.

          2. Louis, I was actually in New Bedford as well. Had lunch at an unpretentious little luncheonette downtown, Isaiah's, after touring the historic center. The fish and scallops were as fresh as could be. I also noticed that linguica, cacoila, and bifanas were pretty much part of the culinary landscape. Exotica to most of us NYers--unless you happen to be Portuguese or know Portuguese food, that is. I have seen your recs for the area in other postings and will try them on a future visit. Thanks again!

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              Hello Marachino,

              While downtown New Bedford is certainly worth a visit, especialy for the Whaling History. (The Whaling Museum offers a very nice free movie about the old whaling days and what an industry it spawned.) However, the real action for ethnic NB, is to be found over on Acushnet Ave and Bellville Ave. A cruise down both of these streets, will bring you past most of the important things to discover about Portugese New Bedford. NB is also the center for one of the best feast/carnivals, in all of New England. Usualy on the last weekend of July, or the first weekend in August. The oakwood barbeque of seasoned meats, splashed with home made madeira wine alone, is worth the trip.

              1. re: Louis

                Hi Louis,

                I forgot to mention that I did make a cursory pilgrimage to Acushnet Avenue for an obligatory nata & expresso at Lydia's. No worries, though--I'm sure I'll be back in the area before long...