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Aug 1, 2006 10:12 PM

Great lunch at Myth Cafe

I had another wonderful lunch at Myth Cafe (formerly Zero Degrees) yesterday. I've been there a few times now and it's always been delicious but I've never posted about it. I just did a search for both Myth Cafe and Zero Degrees and didn't come up with much...
The cafe is on the same block as Myth restaurant, on Pacific at the corner of Montgomery, I think.

I really like this place and am going to treat myself to lunch here more often. Pricing is the same as any place in the Ferry Bldg (your gonna spend 7 - 10 bucks) but you don't have to wade through the hungry masses (which I gladly do once a week, at least) to get your chow. Plus, it's fun going to a place where the menu always changes a bit.

Yesterday I got there right before noon and there was no line and not much of a wait. The line starts growing around noon but it wasn't out the door and it seemed that everyone that wanted to eat there got to sit. They also have outdoor seating along the sidewalk.

So about the food...I tried an incredible soup that I'm betting is on the dinner menu at Myth, the restaurant. It was a chilled corn soup with whole edamame, corn kernals, a few snips of a chive, a tiny bit of minced fresh tomato and topped with a little dollop of silky avocado. The broth seemed like they juiced fresh corn and added a little cream and seasoned it properly. However they did it, it was like a cup of summer, sweet and savory. It was 5.50 for a cup.

The best deal in town is the foot long (I'm not exagerating) slice of Focaccia of the Day. Yesterday is the first time I tried it because it looked so good in the bakery case. I wrongly assumed the long slabs were just for display and that for 2.50 you'd get about half of what was precut. Wrong. You get this huge piece of warmed, amazingly tender, melt in your mouth focaccia. Yesterday it had "leek fondue", roasted red onions, a little feta, some basil puree and roasted fresh figs. Admitedly it was a little busy with all those flavors, but I loved it. Good thing too because I ate half yesterday and the other half today.

They had a lot of nice looking cookies and little tarts and things for dessert but I didn't partake since I was at max capacity. Next time I go, I'll get some sweets to go and enjoy them at tea time.

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  1. I went there a few weeks ago and thought it was great value.

    The focaccia with figs was huge for just $2.50, but was bland and greasy unfortunately.

    I had a carrot ginger soup with sweetbreads. They asked me if I wanted the sweetbreads? Why did they think I was ordering it? It's a shame just thinking of all the people who order it without the sweetbreads, which was the best part of it.

    Despite the foccacia, I would definitely go back since there were so many other tempting sounding things on the menu and the soup was good.

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      It's akin to asking if you want the anchovies on your caesar salad. I can't imagine it without, but some people are afraid of stinky little fish...and organ meat.
      Too bad about the focaccia. I thought it was really flavorful, but pretty hearty for a solo diner.

    2. yes, it had me beat too!

      1. Yes, plus they have free wifi :)

        1. Thanks for the review! I'm new to the area and love this place.

          Also, try the house-made sorbet - a great afternoon treat that hits the spot on a sunny day. I thought the portion was large so you could even share with a friend.

          1. In addition they have a great bag lunch special- $5.95 includes half a wrap, a small salad and dessert. Great value and the perfect amount of food.