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Aug 1, 2006 09:47 PM

Breakfast in the Annex (and Lunch on West Queen West)

Hello. I'm just visiting town and am staying on the Annex. Where can I get a really good breakfast with the freshest (preferably organic) ingredients? I went to The Senator once and loved it (but it's obviously in the wrong 'hood). Something in that vein would be great.

Also, any suggestions for a solo lunch on WEst Queen West? Again, either very fresh ingredients or very good ethnic food preferred.

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  1. The Annex - sigh. My old neighbourhood. Great location, not so great food. For fresh / organic breakfasts try:

    By The Way Cafe 400 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M5S 1X5
    Dooney's Cafe 511 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M5S 1Y4
    Fresh On Bloor 521 Bloor Street West (at Bathurst), Toronto, ON M5S 1Y4,

    For organic lunch on Queen, you can try Fresh on Crawford 894 Queen St. W.(bigger and better location). Where on Queen West are you - Queen West is a pretty big strip with lots of restos.


    1. For lunch in west queen west, check out Swan or some fish and chips and Chippies!

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        As before - lots of places on Queen, even West queen West, although I don't think deep fried fish and fries qualify as "fresh and organic!"

        I can suggest places near the Drake (like the Beaver Cafe) or places in Parkdale (like Not My Dog), but unless we can narrow down where on Queen West we are talking about, I may as well just post the yellow pages.

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          True, Chippies is not a healthy meal...but when I fly solo, there is nothing like getting their fish n' chips and eating it at the Park across the street...with a book in hand. :)

      2. Aunties and Uncles (just beyond the south end of the Annex) at College and Lippincott is wonderful. Queen West, I second Chippy's. Terroni is great too, and Gypsy Co-op has some decent stuff.

        1. I also like Fresh on Bloor - and they moved to Spadina and Bloor to a bigger location that's supposed to be more on par with the Queen Street location.
          I had a good breakfast at Sugar on West Queen West. I don't know what their lunch is like.

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          1. re: pescatarian

            I guess it's just a matter of listening carefully. Aunties and Uncles is probably my favourite brunch place in the entire city, and I adore Chippys, but the poster asked for "preferably organic" food. Had they asked for my favourite brunch places in the Annex, they would have gotten A&E, followed closely by Maggies just a few doors down on College (just East of Lippincott). Sigh.

          2. Well, I ended up at Fresh on Queen W for lunch. and have to say I was disappointed. The salad I ordered was billed as having "baby greens" and it was really just bagged mesclun and tomatoes. It was too heavy on the dressing and too skimpy on the "toppings". It was a bummer since I was really craving good veggie food, but hopefully I can redeem it with one of my last meals in Toronto tomorrow. I've got a list of roti and portugese places culled from these boards, so wish me luck...