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Aug 1, 2006 09:44 PM

Turqoise In Larchmont--any thoughts?

Has anyone been to Turquoise and had a good meal? A bad meal? What should we have? Thanks--

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  1. Went with a group not very long after it had opened. It was good but they still hadn't gotten their act together. Worth a try.

    1. Its been around for years in different incarnations. It had been a take out place with a few chairs, then they were a take out with a few chairs and groceries (upscale). Then they added french cheeses. Then they turned it into a nicer restaurant.

      All along the food has been consistant amd consistently good, fresh and authentic. Definately worth a try or three.

      1. They had a restaurant in Mamaroneck that burnt down several years ago. After that they made this store of theirs into a restaurant. We have been a couple of times. The food is good, but not as good as I remember it in Mamaroneck. I think it's a little pricey for what you get.

        1. The kebabs, especially the Iskender, at the Mamaroneck location were very good, as was the humus/whole meze plate, but I haven't been to the Larchmont location yet.

          1. I play soccer with the owner of this restaurant....the decor is lovely....can't vouch for the food (haven't had a full meal yet) but the baklava is AWESOME!! Belly dancing on Saturday nights!!!