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Aug 1, 2006 09:41 PM

Real Fish and Chips

Im from England and cant seem to find a decent place to get fish and chips in LA. Help.

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  1. Whale and Ale in San Pedro has great F&C. They use a Bass Ale dark golden batter.

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      I like the Fish at Whale and Ale Better, but I like the Chips better at Ye Ole Kings Head in Santa Monics (Their fish's batter is just TOO thick for me). Both though, are very good! :)


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        I second the Whale and Ale! Great fish and chips and lots of beers on tap.

      2. The Kings Head at Santa Monica and 2nd in Santa Monica. Great fish & chips and plenty of your countrymen watching football.

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            Down the street from The Olde Ship in Fullerton is the British Grocer. I was @ the British Grocer (after lunch @ Cafe Hidalgo) and bought me a box of Fox's Chocolate Viennese. They carry an assortment of snacks, teas & some refrigerated items.

            The Olde Ship
            British Pub & Restaurant
            709 N Harbor Blvd
            714-871-7447 tel
            714-441-1449 fax
            British Owned & Operated

            British Grocer
            305 N Harbor Blvd Ste 124
            714-738-0229 tel

            (Went to the Olde Ship last night to take advantage of the free birthday dessert [sticky toffee pudding]. Anyway, their fish is cod and haddock.)

          2. I've never had them, but a friend swears by the F&C at CASEY'S in downtown LA (http://www.bigcaseys.com/).

            1. Brit's is Pasadena is top notch when it comes to the food. The owner and cook is a former London fish and chips shop owner.


              The Olde Ship in Santa Ana has the food AND the ambiance.


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                Brit's is sparkly clean, all the furniture is new and everything matches, and (worst of all!) the peas they serve are a bright, clear green, instead of the proper faded-khaki color...and of course NOBODY is smoking. If you can get past all that, it's a decent pub. And the fish & chips are very good. The batter is very puffy, but quite light and crisp, and I think the potatoes must have a bit of a coating on them as well.