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Aug 1, 2006 09:38 PM

what the heck are those cold elasticky noodles called that you get with Korean/Japanese food?

I've only ever gotten them at Korean sushi places, but I love 'em. They're served cold with a bit of pepper and sometimes some sweet sauce. I'm having a mad craving for them, but can't think of anywhere to get them either west end (where I work) or east end (where I live).

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  1. I believe what you're looking for is the Japanese Soba Noodle- made of buckwheat (or at least the really authentic, good ones are made mostly of buckwheat). The Japanese prefer to serve them cold with a little sauce- they say you get the most flavour out of the noodle that way. If you dig them- go to Hiro Sushi on SUNDAYS when Soba Noodle Master (no kidding- it took him YEARS to perfect the craft in Tokyo, his home city) Ted makes fresh soba and serves it up right. It's an awesome experience! Let me know if you go and if you like it!

    1. I admit when I read your post I thought of a number of noodles that could fit your description. If the colour of the noodles were a sort of gray-ish it was likely soba: buckwheat noodles ( If they were white, perhaps they were somen or even udon ( or

      Perhaps others have another idea...

      1. Was the dish chap chae?

        Hm, "elasticky"? Are they sort of translucent? If so, I believe they are the ones made with mung bean or yam starch--but I'll be damned if I can remember what they're called!

        1. if they are really elastic then they are probably sweet potato noodles called dang myun. They could be udon as those are somewhat "elasticky." in my limited experience, soba noodles are not too elastic. however, dang myun will stretch a good bit. I cooked some a few weeks ago and was amazed at how much the stretched. dang myun tend to be the thinnest of the noodles mentioned so far while udon are thick and pearly. Soba tend to be a grayish green and opaque. dang myun are pretty translucent unless they have been cooked with a sauce and then they tend to take on the color of the sauce. hope that helps

          1. Those noodles are definitely the sweet potato starch noodles. I love them too! If you want to make your own, you can purchase them from a Chinese grocery store - they are in the dried noodles section.