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Aug 1, 2006 08:54 PM

Washington St & Bethune St in W. Village

I'm looking for a good, reasonably inexpensive place, any cuisine, near my friend's new place at the corner of Washington St & Bethune St. The closer the better, because it's hot out there, but I suppose anywhere between 14th and Christopher, West St to 7th Ave So is ok.

Mi Cocina and Barbuto are nice, but a bit too pricey for tonight. Thinking more like Florent or Picolo Angelo prices.


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  1. fatty crab
    643 hudston btwn horation and gansevoort

    mexicana mama
    525 hudson st at 10th st

    cafe condesa
    183 w. 10th at 7th ave s

    210 w. 10th btwn bleecker and w 4th st

    petite abeille
    466 hudston btwn grove and barrow

    359 bleecker btwn charles and w. 10th

    8 little west 12th st at 9th ave

    60 greenwivh ave btwn 6th and 7th

    1. Also, you could always go to Pepe Verde. It's very close and though I haven't been there recently, I've found that the Pepe chain serves the real stuff reliably and at good prices.

      Congratulations to your friend for getting into Westbeth!

      1. try malatesta - great pastas on christopher/washington - cash only

        1. Ah, Malatesta. A good suggesstion. Haven't been there in a while. Although, I kinda' prefer Picolo Angelo. Just got in the mood for not Italian, though. Maybe Fatty Crab or El Faro.