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Aug 1, 2006 08:52 PM

upscale Chinese for date

Hi! Can anyone recommend an upscale Chinese restaurant? I have a date with a gorgeous Chinese girl, so great food and romantic athmosphere are a must. :) I am in the Woodley Park area, but I can travel if the restaurant is really worth it. Thanks a lot for help!!!

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  1. The most upscale restaurant in this area is Mr. K's on K street downtown. They serve american fare though, but you'll be amazed at the presentation. From a gold plated cup of soup with burner underneath, to the neat gadget used to brew the coffee, to the decor, it's clearly upscale. Besides this place, the other option may be China Garden in Rosslyn with it's contemporary decor and both americanized and authentic offerings.

    1. Some off-the-wall advice. Since she is Chinese, I would say you're treading in dangerous waters taking her out to a Chinese place. JMHO. No matter where you go, she probably has a pre-set idea about it and it may not help your cause. The places mentioned above are about the most "upscale" Chinese around. China Garden is THE Chinese wedding place, and every Chinese person has been to wedding banquets there, so I'm not clear how much of an impression taking her there would make.

      You might do better to stick with the good Chinese food places (Joes Noodle for instance) and forget upscale. Or take her to Maestro or CityZen or Komi; I'm sure she'd like any of those.

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        Instead of trying to impress her with Chinese, dude is better off playing it safe with Thai or something pan asian with a sushi bar.

      2. Try TenPenh for pan-asian cuisine.