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Aug 1, 2006 08:49 PM

Looking for Mexican polvorones

Does anyone know a Toronto restaurant serving, or Toronto bakery selling, the shortbread cookies that Mexicans call polvorones?

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  1. I'm not sure if they have polvorones, but the lovely folks at the Mexican Dry Food shop in Kensington Market (ask for Hector Lopez) may well know. He just started carrying Queso de Oaxaca and his wife Lucero runs the lovely little Mexican eatery "El Trompo" around the corner. She makes good churros and chicarron de queso. Good luck and let me know if anything comes of your efforts.

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      Is Queso de Oaxaca firm and a little stringy, sort of like mozzerella with extra flavour? I've been hoping to find this cheese we bought at a market in Mexico, its wrapped in a big ball and they cut hunks off.

    2. You can find Polvorones in Kensington Market, by the way Polvorones are Spanish not mexican.

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      1. re: paul6519

        Where in Kensington Market do they sell them please.

      2. Funny but the only polvorone recipes I've ever seen have always been Mexican. They're a common sweet and are usually found with the somewhat bland pan dulce family. Usually golf ball-sized and rolled in powdered sugar. Very easy to make.

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          Polvorones originated in Spain, but then so did Mexicans and Pilippinos. They can be made differently depending on who makes them. They are sometimes dusted with icing sugar and I've even seen them flavoured. They are usually made with ground almonds, lard, butter or veg shortening, sugar and cinnamon.