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Aug 1, 2006 08:48 PM

Wine Bars

What are your favorite wine bars in Manhattan with a tasty food selection as well?

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  1. Morrell Wine Bar is pretty good but a bit touristy, imo, since it's in Rockefeller Center.

    Peasant on Elizabeth St. is good.

    I also like 'Ino or 'Inoteca in the Village and LES, respectively.

      1. I noted this in my address book but I could not tell you anything about it because I did not get any details. You could check it out.....Degustation wine and tasting bar at 239 east 5th street.

        I entered one in Soho that seemed nice. It doubles as a wine store also. The restaurant is in the basement and seems cozy. It is called Vintage NY wine bar at 60 Wooster at the corner of Broome.

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          i do love Vintage NY...great local wines and excellent food as well. also love the panini at Bar Veloce, as well as the nutella/gelato panini dessert.

        2. i love bar veloce on 2nd ave btw 11th and 12th sts.

          1. there's one I came upon the other day a few doors east of City Bakery...can't remember the name but it was a nice place...

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                tarallucci has lovely desserts and pretty good gelato, but i've never had wine there. do they have a good list?