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Aug 1, 2006 08:36 PM

canadian beer that tastes like mexican beer

Of the hundred canadian beers available in the beer store, is there one that is close to Sol? I'm trying to find a canadian beer that gives me the same taste, for these long hot sweaty mexican style summer days.

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  1. Stick a lime in one of your Canadian lagers, you won't know the difference. Nothing special about the ingredients or process in "mexican" beer vs. any macro lager. Its all in the marketing (and price points).

    1. Any of your cheap Canadian brews should do--like Steff said, put a lime wedge in a can of Labatta Blue and you're set.

      1. ...or simply buy Mexican beer. I've never had difficulty finding Mexican beer here in Canada. I'm pretty sure that I've seen Sol itself at the LCBO here in Ontario.

        1. Where are you located? Here in Oakville, Ontario, Sol is widely available in The Beer Store.

          As for our own beers that are fairly close, Carlsberg Light is pretty close to Sol and Bohemia. Close your eyes, serve up some guacamole and chips, and you're right there :)

          1. Out here in Alberta, it's the norm to Drink Big Rock's Grasshopper ale with a lemon wedge.. it reminds me a lot of Mexico, as does Brahma (but that is a Brazilian beer)