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Aug 1, 2006 08:22 PM

Cheap eats b/w Pleasanton and SF downtown (Going tomorrow!!)

Hi everyone, I'm taking a trip with my parents to the Bay Area. We're going to be staying in Pleasanton and taking trips to Downton SF, so I'm looking for cool places to check out.

However, two things you need to know about my parents -
1. They still live in the 70s and think that meals should cost less than $10.
2. They're older so nothing too exotic or weird ... [Edit: They are Asian so they can stomach "exotic" Asian foods like Chinese, Japanase, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. and they're okay with Italian and generic "American" but if we're talking about things like tapas, Greek, French, or Middle Eastern then that might be too much for them :)]

So any suggestions along those lines?? I'd really appreciate it and would be glad to report back.

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  1. Try stopping by the Ferry Plaza on the Embarcadero in SF--there are plenty of small places from which to choose, there's a great view and atmosphere, and you should be able to find some place to eat for under $20, at least. Oysters, sandwiches, etc.

    1. Golden Mountain, Hayward: Chinese Hakka food-here's my post w/ pics:

      1. Can't think of any dirt cheap places to eat, but these 2 are my favorites in P-Town.

        Little Home Thai
        4000 Pimlico Drive

        TriValley Chinese Seafood Restaurant
        5588-B Springdale Avenue