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Aug 1, 2006 08:11 PM

Takeout lunches in Fells Point

I recently moved to Baltimore and am looking for interesting places to get takeout for lunch. Ideally, I'd like to hear about good places between Broadway and Patterson Park, but am willing to go farther for something good. Good food and quick service are the top two criteria with bonus points for ethnic (esp. Asian) and/or healthy food. Thanks!

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  1. La Tortillaria is my favorite lunch spot in Fells Point. Three or four varieties of tacos on fresh made corn tortillas. On Eastern Ave. a block or so East of Broadway. Fits your criteria to a T. (Except maybe the Asian thing...)

    Down in the square there is Burritos En Fuego, which is sort of local take on the Chipotle thing.

    Otherwise Asahi Sushi, or Ding How for Chinese, come to mind.

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      Thanks, I'll give Tortillaria a try. I've seen quite a bit on this board about the taco truck on Broadway, how do they compare?

    2. I'm with Darin on La Tortilleria.

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        1. My wife and I own a store in Fells Point and when we get hungry, we like the food at Kabobbi's next to Soundgarden.

          Really great samosas. The lamb is my favorite.

          They sell lots of other food (everything from subs to Slovaki)but I have not had much of the other offerings. Wings are good.

          The owners are great people and they run a great (yet small)shop.

          The tortilla place suggested above is simply great. Great tacos. Great, hot tortillas. And cheap.

          The taco trucks North of Eastern are also very good. Get there early.

          The one on the East side of Broadway has great tamales, but they go quickly.

          1. Thanks for the new suggestions. I tried Teavolve this weekend and really enjoyed it. They had a quiche that was outstanding and well priced ($6). I'll give Kabobbi's a try next.