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Aug 1, 2006 08:00 PM

LA Hotspot for 35 yo bachelorette dinner/ drinks

OK- I am arranging a bachelorette night for about 10 women. The bride to be is 35 and has worked in the food media industry.

I was thinking of Sunset Strip -one of the bars or clubs up there for drinks after dinner. Social Hollywood was recommended for dinner- any comments or other specific suggestions? Any specific bars for a fun girls-night-out?


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  1. My sister threw me a bridal shower last year, first with dinner @ Table 8 then to the evening's festivities @ The Highlands.

    I'm sure you'll find mixed reviews on Table 8 here; but we enjoyed a very nice, lovely upscale dinner.

    Afterwards, it was a fun evening for women-only; not raunchy but just plain out fun watching the Hollywood Men ( Two drink can call to arrange for group/discounted tix.

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      table 8 is a wonderful restaurant but i think social is better for dinner.

      rather than going to highlands at hollywood & highland, i would go bar hopping on sunset strip. highlands can be iffy in terms of the crowd depending on the night you go.

    2. Instead of Social, you might want to consider Chodorow's other restaurant/bar: Asia de Cuba.

      Fun place is also O-Bar.