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Aug 1, 2006 07:42 PM

Kauai trip report.

Recently back from 2 glorious weeks in Hanalei.
Wakeup Cafe---killer mac nut sweet roll! Olympic Cafe - killer ban/mac pancakes, do yourself a favor and order this with a side of meat and share it...huge!
Happy Talk lounge - bad burger, good setting if the tourists are behaving!
Hanalei Gourmet - a pretty good burger and fries.
Hanalei mixed Plate - very good pulled pork sandwich.
Hanalei Fish Market....always a good choice..good casual sushi rolls and fresh fish for homedining. Loved snacking on ono salad on saltine crackers at the beach! A neat take on tunasalad.
Tropical Taco--grilled fish taco-yummy and great salsa.
Roy's---really disappointed this time. oversauced and flavored mediocre food.
Keoke's great frenchfries and beer in fun setting, great entertainment too!
Sushi Blues - pretty good, go when Surf Jones is playing!
Baracuuda - great room, just what the area needs, but wasnt wowed by the food. Good potential though!
Princeville Livingroom - some of the BEST sushi I have ever had anywhere! Meltingly good maguro and amazing Unagi. Kobe Burger underwhelmed us.
That's it folks!

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  1. Just returned from Kauai myself. Stayed west of Hanalei, so (longish) reviews are mostly for Hanalei.

    Mediterranean Gourmet (by Hanalei Colony Resort about 10 min west of Hanalei): Really quite good mediterranean - discovered it through tasting the hummus at the farmer's market. Nice greek salad, grilled artichoke, vegetarian mixed plate (with falafel, dolmas, hummus, etc), and nice fish dishes. Fish was waaaay better than Zelo's. Prices average ($15 for veggie, $20ish for fish). Working on their liquor license, so for now is BYOB.

    Polynesia Cafe, Hanalei: Enjoyable casual food, outdoor eating, BYOB. Tried the ahi sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, veggie chimichanga, taco salad, thai tofu and orange ginger tofu. All very good and relatively inexpensive.

    Tropical Taco, Hanalei: Fish tacos, second gyppielou's yummy above.

    Hanalei Gourmet: nothing special, but again, pretty good burgers (I liked the veggie burger with blue cheese/grilled onions)

    Zelo's, Hanalei: Anh, not so good. Table had fish of the day that was coated in a strange (not good) creamy mango sauce, coconut shrimp which were all-right, and good (but not as good as Med Gourmet's) mediterranean salad. Onion rings were okay, french fries were bad.

    Hanalei Fish Market (behind Hanalei Dolphin): Excellent, excellent fish for bringing back and grilling at the house. Prices were very reasonable and the stuff is very fresh. We opted to do this most nights instead of paying lots more for lesser stuff at restaurants.

    Hanalei farmer's markets: I believe they are on Tuesdays and Saturdays, although at different locations. Saturday's is just west of town, adjacent to the soccor field. Produce area "opens" promptly at 9:30 am - people are packed up to the starting gate. Get there early as the best goes quickly. Great goat cheese in addition to produce.

    Wakeup Cafe, Hanalei: Solid breakfast

    Hanalei Bay Resort: Great view, but you have to eat dinner early to get it. Otherwise pretty expensive for average food.

    Wishing Well, Hanalei: Fantastic shave ice. I had passion fruit over vanilla ice cream. Would do it over macadamia nut next time, but the shave ice was so delicate (and not too syrupy)!

    JoJo's, Waimea: Fantastic shave ice. It was a rougher shave than Wishing Well's, but again not too syrupy. This time I had macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom (and 3 tropical fruit syrups). The ice cream was fabulous with generous chunky nuts.

    Banana Joes: Before (east) of Princeville, on the south side of the highway. Fantastic white/sugarloaf pineapples, the best we had (and we had several varieties from the farmer's market). Also, great smoothies, and other produce.

    Ran out of time to try BarAcuda (Hanalei) but it looked like a good, higher end option: