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Aug 1, 2006 07:36 PM

Any great Hot Dogs in Northern Virginia?

I'm a recent transplant from New Jersey where we had some great deep fried Hot Dogs. I can't find a decent "Dog" down here. Any suggestions.

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  1. I guess it depends on what you mean by 'dog,' On Saturday lunchtime Heidelberg Bakery in N. Arlington grills various wursts out front. The Bauernwurst is fantastic.

    1. For cooking at home, you can also go by the German Gourmet in Falls Church.

      Not viewed as good in terms of raw culinary quality, the dogs at Vienna Inn should be had at least once. And while you're having them, remember that the owner is a grad of the food CIA.

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      1. re: Dennis S

        There's usually a banner outside the German Gournet that says "Hot Brats" which I suspect refers to cooked bratwurst rather than . . . well, you know.

        The hot dogs at 5 Guys generally get rave reviews around here.

      2. Are you looking for fine sausages of good old american hot dogs?

        Since you used deep fried as a qualifier, I don't think there's anything like there in NOVA, but there are a couple of local favorites that come to mind.

        Vienna Inn on the main drag in Vienna has great chilidogs and is kind of a dive and very old school.

        There's also Weenie Beanie in South of Four Mile Run near Shirlington. Both have been around for a long time.

        1. I have yet to try it, but I've heard Hard Times is decent. They have several locations over a wide area. Maybe some more versed local hounds could chime in.

          1. While Weenie Beanie is nothing like Rutt's Hutt, etc, it is worth checking out. Get a chili dog or chili half smoke (or both : ) and also add a N.C. style chopped bbq sandwich with slaw on top and small packet of Texas Pete hot sauce thrown in.