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Aug 1, 2006 07:09 PM

Where to get cheese curds?

Does anyone know anyplace where one can either (1) order fried cheese curds or (2) buy regular cheese curds to fry at home?

Spent the summer in Madison, WI and developed a taste for them. Any dining/shopping tips to help satisfy this craving when I get back to MA are appreciated.

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  1. Last year I would buy it from the Smiling Hill/Silvery Moon Creamery vendor at the North Ave. Bridge Farmer's Market (Thursdays). Unfortunately, I haven't seen them there yet - will try to check this week.

    1. I met the woman from Silvery Moon at an all-New England event down in CT....Her curds wera amazing; one of my favorite things there...Loved the Tuscan spiced version....Did they sell their other cheeses, too? Keep us posted!!!

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        They were my favorite vendor and such nice ladies too - All the cheeses I've tried have been excellent - Bravura, Farmhouse cheddar, Tuscan and French herbed curds (the Tuscan is my favorite too), Rosemary's waltz, the Camembert, and the Tally Ho with peppercorn. Also love their butter and milk (E was addicted to their vanilla and chocolate milk). In fact, I still have a few of their nice glass bottles waiting to be refilled. I'll check it out this Thursday again.

      2. Here is there website if that helps. It list place where you can buy it and perhaps you can e-mail them.

        1. Hey thanks, this sounds promising... does this vendor really charge $50 for a pound and a half of cheese curds? I'm sure they are gourmet and all, but I'm looking for something a little less high-end.


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            My guess is that's all about the shipping costs; it's expensive to ship stuff overnite with freezerpacks...She does great marinated curds, but why don't you contact them, and see if she'd bring plain ones to the farmers' market for you?

          2. The original comment has been removed