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Aug 1, 2006 07:04 PM

Bite in MDR?

Had coffee with friend in the Marina and he picked up take-out from Bite (on Washington, next to Cow's End, may be same owner?).

Picked up a menu -- some interesting Asian dishes: yakitori, noodles, some sushi/

The web site is

Someone is trying to do something here with a "street food" concept.

Anyone ever been?

I'm gonna try it no matter what, but I'm curious ...

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  1. Weird place. The dishes are beyond tiny and not nearly as interesting or tasty as their descriptions make them sound. The atmosphere is more sports bar than restaurant: Televisions showing sports events...a commercial FM classic rock radio station playing way too loud...the front door loudly slamming shut as the servers come and go from the outdoor seating area. Anyway, that was my one experience at Bite. I have no desire to return.

    1. Thanks ... interesting ... my buddy lives around the corner and always just picks it up ... he probably doesn't notice the vibe as much ...

      Thanks for the tip ...

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        I can see there being a few solid items on the menu that would be worth ordering as take out. But, yeah...bad vibe for a dine-in experience.

        I'm sure they started out with some sort of plan, but it must not have suited the location. They've obviously adapted to what works.

      2. We were there once. Barely average at best. There is always a help wanted sign in the window for every position in the restaurant, including chef. That is never a good sign.