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Aug 1, 2006 06:56 PM

Fun decent Mexican?

I'm coming in from out of town, and would like to go to a restuarant that fits this description. I realize many of you may not think SF is strongest in this category, but I'm coming from Boston and trust me, it's better there than here.

To be honest, also, I don't necessarily want the most authentic around either. My only requirements are:
-freshly prepared food
-well made margaritas (fresh juices) (if I even see a bottle of Rose's, I'm walking out! ;-) )
-and, yeah, it has to taste good.

I've scanned the board a bit, and also from other suggestions, I think perhaps these places may fit what I'm looking for?
Tres Agaves
Velvet Cantina

Any other thoughts? Oh, yeah, San Francisco proper only, please. I'm staying near the Financial District.

(LOL...I just realized the thread title could be used for a Match profile.)

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  1. I posted about my dinner at Tres Agaves but it seems to have disappeared.

    Overall I wasn't very impressed--some of the dishes were decent but should have been better, some were Californicated in the Wolfgang Puck too-many-ingredients style, like fresh pineapple in the carnitas or something. Struck me as the kind of place where you could eat well if you knew which dishes to order.

    Didn't try the margaritas.

    1. The house margarita at Colibri, a few blocks west of Union Square on Geary, are made with just lime juice and a little sugar, and they have a very nice tequila selection. I've had a few decent meals there as well, but other hounds haven't been as enthusiastic. I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there, but since you will be in the neighborhood...

      1. The Valhalla of margaritas is Tommy's Mexican, a little unassuming place on Geary. The food is only good after you've had a few, but it's "decent" and Tommy's has THE largest selection of tequila outside of Mexico ,and Julio has done tequila audiences to dignitaries around the world! (He's also part of Tres Agaves but in my opinion the margaritas are not as good there). Also, if you want to try some interesting tequilas, each round is a 2-oz. pour so it's really not a bad deal.

        1. The three you listed seem to be more new/hippish type mexican food/cantina type places (though that is based only on what I have read about them). If you were looking more for the food and drink and less for the atmosphere, I like Tia Margarita on Clement and 18th (or 19th). It is very close to Tommy's recommended above, but I like the food better. However, is more LA family style than anything with a scene of any kind.
          It is, also, a bit of a haul from Union Square. I drive the 10-15 minutes happily to get there, but Colibri might be a better bet in your area.

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          1. re: Meredith

            I don't think it necessarily has to be "hip", but I will admit that "LA family style" probably does not fit what I am looking for at this time. But maybe! I'll keep it in mind.

            1. re: Alcachofa

              Tia Margarita has a horseshoe bar and an old-school atmosphere.

          2. Ideally, a few margaritas at Tommy's with chips and guac, then walk over to Tia Margarita :)