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Aug 1, 2006 06:41 PM

Wanted: Remote Digital Thermometer Probe

I've been searching around the 'net for some time -- reading reviews and whatnot. I brew beer, make cheese, and will probably use it for general meat roasting. I like the idea that I get a *beep* or a page when something gets to a certain temperature.

What are people using out there and their pros and cons? What do you like and what do you wish existed?

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  1. I was hoping someone else would respond to this because my experience may not be typical. I got a Polder probe thermometer last year. It's pretty standard, I think it has a clock, will beep when a preset temperature is reached etc. I used it for our Thanksgiving turkey. I was suspicious when the turkey seemed to take longer than expected. I checked the temperature with an instant reading thermometer which I know is accurate. The Polder was off by about 15 degrees. Thank goodness the turkey wasn't overdone.

    The next time I used the Polder I also used my old meat thermometer with it, so the "remote" reading wasn't very useful because I didn't trust it. It went downhill from there, from the inaccurate reading to intermittent reading (nonsense appearing on the little monitor) to no response at all. I've given up on it as a piece of junk. If you look at the reviews on Amazon, they are divided into two camps - one thinks the Polder and similar remote temperatures are the best device ever invented, and the other which says they fail within a few months.

    I thought I might have a defective probe so I found a place which sells replacements. They cost as much as a new unit. My guess is I got a lemon and I should have returned it when it was flakey the first time.

    I posted a question on this board and got varied replies, again one camp said they had the Polder or Taylor or something similar and had used it without a problem for years; the second had had failures within a short time after purchase.

    I think you can get a Polder or Taylor and expect it to work for at least some months. If it works longer than that, it's a bonus. I'm probably going to get another probe thermometer some day, but the one I really want is a Thermopen. It isn't a remote thermometer and has some disadvantages but everything I hear says it's the most accurate thermometer available, fast reading (1 second) and reliable.

    Hope I've helped some.

    1. I prefer the Polder without the remote to attach to your belt or whatever. Mine is a probe type with the indicator that sits outside of the oven, I use it for deep frying too. I was given a Taylor with the remote and was just too dense to figure out how to use it each time. I gave it away. Getting out the instructions each time was a hassle.

      1. If you want something easy to come by and inexpensive... This probe one from target is pretty much the SAME exact thing as most pricy ones from gourmet stores... it's even made by Taylor!!