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Aug 1, 2006 06:21 PM

Rubio's Fresh Mex

Anyone like this chain as much as I do?

I used to work about 5 minutes away from one and would eat there at least once (sometimes twice a week). I now work way too far away, but I had lunch at one over the weekend and it's still delicious!

The fish tacos are close to the best I've ever had. And I've recently become hooked on their pork carnitas. Their carnitas is really spectacular. So moist and tasty. Their street carnitas burriot used to be great, but they took it off the menu. Actually they changed their menu up a lot, but still good stuff.

The only beef I have with this place is their chips. They're not so great. Not terrible, just not great.

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  1. I've been going to Rubios since my College Days in San Diego when they used to just have a few stops... Just like the Green Burrito (Remember them in HS!) they used to be SOOOO good... then they went corporate and the nose dive was sudden and horrifying...

    That being said, I work next to one. They replaced the street tacos (Which for me was a decent tasting cheap gut fill) and now are actually selling "Carnitas" Tacos for about double the price! Whatta con!! You know it's the same meat, just with a new spice! :P

    That being said, I love their red roasted salsa. It has the consistancy of tomato sauce, but it'll make cardboard taste good smoothered on it! So when I walk by and see the Fish Tacos are $.99 cents... if nothing else suits my fancy, I'll pick some up for lunch... But again, it's mostly do to me being cheap and quick about my lunches...


    1. I like their churros very very much ...

      1. still the only one of the "baja" chains that does seafood to any extent, with lots of shrimp and lobster items to augment the fish tacos. I love the shrimp quesadilla.
        This place beats Baja Stale by a mile!

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          Agreed. I usually stick to the fish tacos or carnitas, but I have had the lobster burrito and it was delicious! I'll occassionally try the "new" shrimp items, like when they feature shirmp in a new form...such as "new shrimp street tacos" but the selection is great.