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Aug 1, 2006 06:16 PM

what would be the best inexpensive (approx $10) white for sangria blanco

i am going to do a sangria blanco, with mascerated peaches, grand marnier and some cognac, maybe some raspberries and a few mint sprigs. what would be a good fruity but still dry white. i was thinking of usung a little ginger beer as well instead of soda. strange i know. but i think it will be great. (ginger and peach makes a good combo)

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  1. You might want to consider a better quality Vinho Verde. Casal Garcia runs around $5.00 and does the job of white sangria quite well.

    If you want to spend more that that, I like Pinot Grigio for the acidity. Most magnuns can be had in the $10 - 12 range.

    1. I say spanish whites usually do the trick.If that Vinho Verde (although this may be italian?) is in a tall narrow bottle,I am familiar with it and concur it is a good choice. If you have a trader joes, check them out they usually have a decent selection of a few spanish whites good for sangria. second runner up are the portuguese wines. Italian third. California's do not work for me. as you can see, I have made a lot of sangria!

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        I made almost the exact thing last week. Spanish white, peaches, plums, Grand Marnier, a little fresh squeezed OJ. To be honest I was a little disappointed. It tasted slightly harsh to me...maybe I over did it on the GM. I think some ginger beer (or some other non-alcohol sparkler) would have improved it.

      2. Instead of soda, why not choose an inexpensive Cava?

        Cava Sangria

        1 bottle Cava, chilled
        2 tablespoons Triple Sec or Cointreau
        3 tablespoons Calvados or apple brandy
        4 tablespoons granulated white sugar
        1 cup seedless white grapes
        4 orange slices
        1 small green apple, peeled and cut into wedges
        8 berries (blue, straw or rasp)
        Ice cubes

        Place Triple Sec, Calvados and sugar in a pitcher and stir to dissolve. Add the fruit and let stand 5 minutes. Add the Cava and stir. Add lots of ice cubes and serve.

        -Adapted from a recipe by Felipe Rojas-Lombardi (The Ballroom, New York City) published in the July-August 1988 issue of the long defunct *Cook's*.

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          Thanks for posting this recipe. I love Cava and Sangria, the two together sound wonderful.

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            HEY!! this sounds really good. in food & wine or gourmet (or bon apetit) they did a big piece on sangria. i made one of the recipes which was cava with strawberries and mint(a couple other things too, like cognac & grand marnier). it was ok, but i wasn't impressed all that much. i am not one for going by the recipe anyway. i usually improvise with what i think would make the best combo. usually i look up a few recipes and pick the best ingredients from both. i am in vegas right now and a gf is coming to visit so i wanted to make a big pitcher of sangria blanco for the times we are relaxing by the pool and swimming, etc . . . thanks so much!

          2. Maybe a Rueda? Most have good acidity.

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              i have never heard of this grape? so many wines, one cannot be an expert on them all. although i wouldn't mind.

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                Rueda is a region in Spain. White whites from that region are typically made with a grape called Verdejo, which when made well is somewhat similar to Sauvignon Blanc (in fact, many winemakers in Rueda are adding some S.B. to their wines). Basa, Nosis, and Naia are good brands and are pretty widely available. I recently tried Condado Real's Castilla y Leon white, which is a blend of 50% Verdejo and 50% Viura, a more neutral-flavored grape. It's not as nice as the three Ruedas above, but it's about half the price.


              2. an inexpensive rose would be festive, i think there was a recipe in martha this past month-- standard recipe also adds grapefruit juice and lemon lime soda.

                another drink we like, Cristalino Brut ($8) with a little pommagranite juice and apple juice.