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Aug 1, 2006 06:02 PM

Best Bar Dining in Las Vegas?

We're looking for an upscale lounge for pre-show appetizers/tapas and drinks. Money is no object and our food preferences are wide open - prefer someplace on, or very close to, the strip. We visit NYC a lot so we're looking for an alternative to the celebrity-chef outposts.


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  1. It's not exactly a lounge, but L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon (MGM Grand) is a high end restaurant consisting mainly of a food bar. You can order appetizers or tapa-sized "small plates", as well as full meals. It's informal, with excellent food.

    FIX (Bellagio) serves new American food. It's trendy and fun - and the food is actually good. There are tables, a lounge area, and a bar. In addition to appetizers, there are a number of small offerings.

    Of course, sushi bars are always available. Okada (Wynn Las Vegas) is the best. You can also get Japanese style grilled items (robatayaki) at Okada.

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      How are the prices at these places?

      1. re: AquaW

        L'Atelier is the most expensive. A full meal will cost at least $100. Individual appetizers and small plates vary greatly; perhaps $25 for a typical item.

        FIX charges about $15 for appetizers and small plates.

        The cost at Okada varies according to how much sushi (or robatayaki) is ordered, and what is ordered. An order of two pieces of sushi typically runs $6 to $10.

    2. FIX is good - leave enough time for cabs etc before the show.

      Ate at the bar at TAO a few months back and it was enjoyable - lots of good things to try & excellent people watching.

      1. I third it! FIX.
        Try the Yellowtail Sashimi or the fried Ispwich Clams.....wonderful!

        1. Fix is very good, just very loud-I have eaten there the last three visits to Vegas. Bradley Ogden at Ceasars is very good as well for bar/lounge dining - they have a blue cheese souffle appetizer that is simply wonderful.

          1. We like the bar hang at Fleur De Lys in Mandalay Bay. That may be too south for you
            on the strip, but if not, it's highly recommended. Some marvelous small plates, groovy vibe and good service.