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Aug 1, 2006 06:02 PM

Replacements for Tomoe Sushi?

Now that Tomoe has tanked, what do people suggest as replacements? Below 14th street in particular.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. tomoe closed??? why? didn't they have a line night and day? i haven't been in a few years, but i do remember the lethal lines.

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      1. re: jungirl

        i think the OP was referring to Tomoe hitting rock bottom in terms of quality, not actually closing. there've been numerous complaints about the place's descent into sub-mediocrity -- tho' i must admit i never saw what all the fuss was about to begin with...

      2. I had a great oamakase at Jewel Bako very fresh. The only other place Ive had fresher fish was in Tsujiki fish market in Japan. But beware the other patrons as they will stare and cringe at what you are eating hahha(as i slighty wave my marinated firefly squid so they can see).

        1. Ushi Wakamaru, around the corner on Houston.