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Park Slope eating -- Beso vs. 12th street bar & grill vs. Bogota

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I'm looking for a good place for a dinner date tonight and kinda thought of these 3 places. I've been to Beso but it was about 5 years ago under probably a different name (how's the AC in that joint anyway?). I loved Bogota the one time I went and never been to 12th street. Does anyone have opinions on these?

Or for that matter, if anyone has strong Park Slope recommends for seafood and fish then I'd love to hear them.

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  1. I have to throw in a rec for 12th street. My husband and I had a very nice time there about a month ago and decided to go back with his parents when they came for a visit. The appetizers and salads are spectacular and the main courses are very strong as well. They have a semi decent wine list and a really nice vibe. Its a really cute place for a date.

    1. Beso fancies itself a South American cafe and routinely keeps it's massive front garage door open to the weather in the summer. If you like your date places at 95 degrees this might do the trick.

      12th Street B&G is more dressy - more expensive than Beso and a completely different type of scene. Straightforward New American food - http://www.menupages.com/restaurantde...

      Can't speak about Bogata - never been.

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        Earlier in the thread I mentioned that Beso keeps it's doors open throughout the summer. I was wrong. Last night Beso had their doors closed and their a/c cranking.

      2. 12th street b&g can go either way you want it. it's a lovely and pleasant place to spend an evening.

        1. Beso is fine for a group; not so great for a date. I'd go to 12th Street. It's pretty but not too formal. Just right for a date. Order the P.E.I. mussels. They're wonderful.

          1. Beso mysteriously has excellent breakfast and brunch, but abysmal dinner.

            1. Have been to Bogata Bistro a number of times and have enjoyed myself each time. We even had my husband's 60 th birthday party there. All the guests were bowled over by the good food and drinks .I have never been to Beso . The 12th St, Grill is okay- but nothing special imho.

              1. You picked three places I wouldn't go to unless someone else was driving. There are tons of posts on this board about food in Park Slope. Why not peruse some of the recent ones?

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                  Going to Beso in weather like this brings new meaning to the phrase "hot date."