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Aug 1, 2006 05:44 PM

Korean Bbq Restaurants in OC?

The kind where there's a buffet style raw meat section and you pick all the meats you want and you sit down and grill it yourself on the table.

Any recs? Please include name and cross streets and $$.

The kind where you leave the restaurant smelling like you've been roasted like a kahlua pig.

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  1. You've just described (to a tee) the korean bbq place on Redhill in Tustin, just north of the 5 freeway. I'm blanking on the name of the place but it's in the large shopping center on the east side, as you're going north from the 5 freeway. You can't miss it.

    It's not cheap (maybe around 10 bucks for lunch), but it's pretty darn good and you won't leave hungry.

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      the place mikester is referring to is called seoul garden bbq buffet, 13828 red hill avenue. good stuff and a lot of fun!!!

    2. Also consider Yi Dynasty, near John Wayne. (Corinthian at Martingale). Moderate prices, not a fancy joint but well executed fare annd service.

      1. Thanks for your replies. would a group of 10 people enjoy it? I mean, do they have tables with grills for at least 10? Or will there be jostling for positioning of the spare ribs and spicy chickem?

        we plan to go for dinner so we can be all smelly and stuff.

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          A good sized group would be no prob here, it's a fairly large restaurant.

        2. You're much better off at Lighthouse in Garden Grove. Seoul Garden has pretty bad cuts of meat and the quality is not very good. Sorry, I dont have Lighthouses addresses handy but you can google it, and I am sure someone else will offer it up. This request comes up a lot and from experience, can tell you that Seoul Garden is to be avoided.

          Edit. Here is the address 8891 Garden Grove Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92844

          1. For all you can eat Korean bbq buffet, my family goes to Korea House Barbeque Restaurant in Garden Grove. They have a large selection of meats, ranging from traditional marinated kalbi (both the kalbi with 3 little bones and the more expensive kind on one large bone) to chicken, pork chops, spicy marinated octopus (so good) and other things. There's also a little salad station with korean vegetables and kimchi. If you like naeng-myun (cold noodle soup) there are little bundles of noodles with the cold broth over by the hot food station. The naeng-myun is surprisingly good for a buffet restaurant.

            You take the meat from the stations, bring it back to your table, and grill away; this sounds exactly like what you're looking for. Lighttown House is a sit-down place where the waitresses bring the meat to you for grilling but it is not a buffet restaurant. It was about $22 for one portion of Kalbi at Lighttown House and for less, you can get a huge variety of food at Korea House. I've never had a problem with the quality at Korea House.

            eta: I asked my parents and the price range is around $12.99 for lunch and $16.99 for dinner but I haven't been there in a while. Also, like most buffets the dinner menu has more items. They also have vanilla soft serve ice cream. It's not Korean, but darn it if I don't love that ice cream machine!

            Korea House Barbecue Restaurant
            12118 Brookhurst St , Garden Grove 92840

            If you're heading north on Brookhurst, it will be on your right a little before you reach Chapman.

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              I recall lighthouse as all you can eat?! Maybe I am getting my places mixed up??

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                I double checked the address for Lighttown House and it's 8902 Garden Grove Blvd, so it's a separate establishment. I guess Lighthouse restaurant is a buffet but Lighttown House isn't. Why are the names practically the same?! Anyways, for Korean bbq buffet I like Korea House and for dduk bo sam I like Shik Do Rak.

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                  Shik do rak over light house for sure. Though it isnt buffet. I love this place and still you get your $'s worth