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Aug 1, 2006 05:39 PM

Late lunch at Daimo in Richmond

Friends flew in to Oakland Saturday from Tuscon and begged for tomato beef chow fun.

During their last visit, I took them to Yung Kee in Oakland, but we were disappointed with greasy, flavorless noodles. (However, the wonton noodle soup with bbq pork was delicious). Having had take away the night before from Daimo, we headed back for lunch.

We had steamed bbq pork buns; soft, yeasty, and sweet buns filled with tender pork and a judicious amount of sauce. These are my now-favorite version! The soup dumplings with ginger dipping sauce were good but not great; I thought the ground pork filling was a bit dry. The hoisin beef hot pot was perfect; tender chunks of beef redolent of anise. We also ordered the frog legs with eggplant hot pot, but my table mates cleared out the dish before I had a chance to sample it. (From all accounts, very tasty). The tomato beef chow fun was fantastic. Nicely charred noodles with big pieces of tomato that clearly tasted of TOMATO, and lots of beef strips. We also had gai lan in oyster sauce that had a nice crunch. The total for 5 adults came to $60 and lots of leftovers.

Daimo Restaurant
3228 Pierce St. (in the Pacific East Asian Mall parking lot)
Richmond, CA
510 527 3888

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  1. Could you say more about the "hoisin beef hot post"? I'm not recognizing the dish by name.

    1. I'm looking at the take away menu and all it says is "Beef briskets in Hoi Sin sauce" (in the Hot Pot section of the menu). And it was just that! Thick slices/chunks of brisket, no veg, and not very much sauce, actually. But man, the brisket was fork tender. The pieces seemed large at first, but fell apart pretty easily in my rice bowl. The sauce was more savory than sweet, even with the jolt of 5 spice.

      And looking at the menu, I can see we ordered the Frog legs and eggplant in XO sauce. Tim said this amazingly tender, with plenty of garlic. (gee, is that why none was left for me??!)

      Hope that helps!

      1. i don't have much to add to this post but i miss my days in berkeley. as far as food is concerned.

        3am at daimo. heh.