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Aug 1, 2006 05:08 PM

Best chicken biryani in Montreal?

I know just about all the Indian & Pakistani restaurants makes chichen biryani, but I want to know who makes the best. I've had a recent craving for them. The best one I've tried so far is 786 Halal Restaurant(& it was very good). Maybe there're others just as good or better.

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  1. I second that restaurant Halal 786 has an amazing biryanni. Make sure you tell the waiter if you like spicy or extra spicy.

    This place is a great find. Only once I was with the biryanni and it wasn't the usual chef doing it. I told them about it and they fixed it right away.

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    1. re: maj54us

      I discovered last summer another place that does pakistani chicken biryanni on jarry street. I noticed that I prefer the pakistani version of biryanni compared to those made in indian restaurant. My favorites there are also their charga chicken and the butter chicken. Totally another twist from halal 786 I love both places but their cooking is different in taste.

      Also I notice that you will have more success at 786 with the day cook if you got used to a certain taste with biryanni because sometimes there's not enough spices and the rice is white instead of all the yellow orange colors.

      Anyone has another spot that has a great pakistani version biryanni rice?

      1. re: maj54us

        Are you referring to Sana on Jarry?

        1. re: hungryann

          Yes I am but the new feature that adds the name of the place vanished. I'll try again with this post and copy paste.

          Sana Restaurant Halal Food - 655 Rue Jarry W Montreal, QC

          Sana Restaurant Halal Food
          655 Rue Jarry W, Montreal, QC H3N1G3, CA

          1. re: maj54us

            Thanks I want to their chicken biryani next.

      2. re: maj54us

        Another point for 786: the 10km delivery radius. Have yet to try the biryani, but will order again soon. (We found the veggie dishes more compelling than the meats.)

        1. re: Mr F

          I didn't like their beef kabab at rest halal 786. As if there is to much spice in it not enough meat. I love the one a Sana restaurant . As for Sana I don't know, I hope it's not true that they might have a change in the administration. I hope their chef will not leave ort if he does, need to keep track of where he's going.

          1. re: maj54us

            I was at Sana on Friday and everything was as delicious as ever. Do you know when the chef is supposed to leave?

      3. I'll third that. Plus, FYI a second 786 has opened in Toronto, on Gerrard, if you're ever in town. The usual Montreal chef has been there training the TO chefs, so hopefully they'll carry on his inspired tradition.

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        1. re: pouletsecret

          Went to 786 Halal last week, & tried their chicken biryani again(excellent as usual). Heard about the 786 location in Toronto. It's the same menu(I'm curious if the prices are about the same).

        2. What else would you guys recommend at 786 Halal? I'd like to try the biryani but would also like to taste a few other dishes at the same time.


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          1. re: Evilbanana11

            I think I tried everything on their menu, my favorites were the charga chicken, chana masala, channaa aloo, butter chicken, ginger chicken.

            Halal 786 Restaurant at 768 Jean Talon, Montreal, QC H2R1V1, CA (no typo on the address and on the second floor in an ancient decor of a greek restaurant.

          2. I had one recently at Punjab Palace, 920 Jean Talon west. A bit hot for my taste but excellent none the less.

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            1. re: yeggy

              While on the topic of Punjab Palace, their downtown location (a.k.a. Thali, on St-Marc) also has a killer chicken biryani. Note: unless you like a lot of heat, even medium is very spicy!

            2. As long as we're bumping threads and discussing biryani. Does anyone have tips on finding good Sri Lankan biryani? I've been meaning to try the one at Momoï, but when I drove by recently the place was closed and there was a For Sale sign in the window.

              Anybody with first hand knowledge who could give a recco?

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              1. re: SnackHappy

                Also been thinking of Sri Lankan biryani lately. Saw something on television regarding it, just over a week ago.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  Try V.I.P on Beaumont near Parc, it's across the street from where Momoi was. I know they have it, just haven't tried it yet. I did have their Kothu Parotta which was excellent.