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Failed peach ice cream....need a new recipe

Our attempt at peach ice cream was very disappointing. Strangely, it was a bit chalky and the peach flavour didn't come through. And they were lovely ripe local peaches we used....

Does anyone have a tried and true recipe? We have the Cuisenart automatic ice cream maker, so I can't make a huge quantity at once.


ps the recipe we tried was from the Williams-Sonoma Ice Cream cookbook.

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  1. What is the recipe you used? I've made peach ice creams a variety of ways, usually by starting with a custard made with egg yolks, sugar, milk and cream. I cook the chopped peaches with some sugar, mash lightly (I like mine with chunks of peach), fold into the custard and churn.

    This is another one I'm going to make tonight. It doesn't need an ice-cream maker, is supposed to produce very intense peach flavor. I'm going to churn mine to reduce the ice crystallization.


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      I finished churning the peach ice cream (or gelato). It is delicious, very peachy and fresh tasting. I think you'll like it.

    2. I've used the below recipe, which turned out nicely.


      True, it's sherbet, not ice cream. But it turned out well. I have the little Cuisinart ICE-20 (I think it's called?) ice cream maker. This recipe wasn't chalky and rather peachy.

      There's a recipe in the last issue of Saveur that uses peach soda, which I'm going to try out later this week.

      1. I recommend soaking the fruit in peach schnapps for about an hour before you make the icecream: the alcohol helps prevent the fruit from turning rock-solid in the freezer and adds some good flavor. Cooks Illustrated also has a good recipe without the alcohol:


        1. Here is a dicussion that took place a little over a year ago that might assist you. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

          1. Chop some very ripe peaches and sprinkle very lightly with sugar, brown sugar or a little real Maple syrup. Keep in a ziploc bag in the fridge.

            Fold cold juicy peach pieces into Vanilla ice cream just at serving time. Exquisite! Or present as a "peach sundae". Works well with fresh strawberries, too...much better than Strawberry Ice cream. Who wants "frozen" strawberry pieces, anyway?

            1. When I did peach, I pureed very ripe peaches and added cream and sugar until I liked the flavor at room temp. Then I churned it. It was *awesome*! I also dribbled in ribbons of pureed and sieved raspberry sweetened to taste.

              1. I had problems with peach ice cream too--not chalky-tasting but too icy. I went off on a whole tangent about centrifuging before several Chowhounders gently returned me to Planet Earth where we extract water, not with an $8000 piece of lab equipment, but by reducing the fruit with sugar over low heat. Then I got Emily Luchetti's ice cream book and she advises the same. I suspect even the ripest, most flavorful peach (or nectarine) just has too much water to make a really intense puree unless you reduce it some.

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                  Sugar in ice cream making is not just for sweetening. It also allows the mixture to freeze at a lower temperature. Cooking the fruit with sugar allows the fruit to absorb addition sugar, hence, freeze at a lower temperature. By doing this, the fruit will not be icy hard in finished ice cream. The America's Test Kitchen's recipe for peach ice cream mentioned by a previous post is terrific. Most of Emily Luchetti's fruit ice creams involve cooking fruit with some sugar to almost jam like. She makes terrific ice creams.

                2. so here is my mom's recipe... it is definitely not the low calorie recipe... it is the most amazing thing on earth... when I have it, I know summer is in full swing. She typically makes it in an old fashion maker, but this recipe can be cut in half to fit the modern machines....

                  8 large peaches
                  4 lemons
                  4 c sugar
                  1 quart 1/2 and 1/2

                  puree peaches. squeeze lemon juice over. add sugar. stir until disolved. refrigerate till chilled through. mix thoroughly with 1/2 and 1/2, about two minutes. Pour into ice cream maker.... this makes 1 gallon...


                  1. Thanks everyone! I am now going to try the recipes you've suggested each week until peach season is over....