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Post Wedding Dress Shopping Dinner

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A few of my girl friends and I are going to Kleinfelds to do some wedding dress shopping. It's 20th btw 6th & 7th ave. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good place to go for dinner afterwards? Something fun, inexpensive (mid teen entrees), and good to just sit around and chat for a while. I was thinking tapas would be fun, but not familiar with what's around there besides Tiapol (probably not big enough for all of us).

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  1. Tia Pol is great, but they don't take reservations and I agree that it's not big enough.

    My suggestions: Bette, Le Zie, Half King, Diner 24, Bombay Talkie, Cafeteria... Good luck.

    1. On 19th between 5th and 6th is Sala One Nine. It can accomodate a group, is reasonable, fun atmosphere, with decent tapas/dishes and sangria. I think it would work well since you hinting toward spanish and it's right around the corner.