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Inexpensive Lunchspot Near Park and 30th

I'm tired of meeting my friend at Pinch pizza, but she's the one that works up there, not me...I'm at a loss for alternatives.

Looking for something:
-With vegetarian options
-Cold dishes (this weather is unbearable...)

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  1. Cold dishes, umm that's a tough one. The one that came to mind when I saw "inexpensive near Park and 30th) was Sophies Cuban on Madison between E. 34th and E. 33rd. But, I guess when its 100 degrees out, that might not fit the bill today. Maybe another day?

    1. AQ Cafe in the Scandinavia House

      sandwiches, salads, hot or cold soups, cold plates like salmon and herring and a great smorgasbord! as well as swedish meatballs, gratins, quiches, etc.

      58 park ave at 38th

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        Good call :-) Hot day to walk 8 blocks, I couldn't do it but I bet most people could.

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          sweat it out! then you can eat more. :)

        1. You could go to Pax. It is on the corner of Park avenue south and 23rd. The salads are really good. You choose your lettuce, your ingredients, the vinaigrette and they toss it right in front of you. You can do take out or eat there. The salad will cost you around 6 or 7 dollars with lots of ingredients. The sandwiches are also very good. I know it is hot outside, but the soups are good also.

          1. If you're going toward Pax, I'd cross the street and get a salad at Tossed (east side of park, just south of 23rd). I also kind of like Lite Delights on 3rd and 32nd (or close to that)...west side in a block of shops anchored by a Chase bank and Gristedes. Sandwiches, salads, smoothies...

              1. You could get cold cuts at Gam Mee Ok on 32 St. between 5th and Broadway, or you could get naeng myun (cold beef noodle soup Korean style) at any of a number of places. I'm told that Kum Gang San (further west on 32 St. in the direction of Broadway) has the best naeng myun in Manhattan, but I haven't been there in some time. I had spicy naeng myun for lunch at Seoul Garden, but though the food and service were good, I can't recommend the place for the time being.

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                  Naeng myun is a great call. But the bowl I had a few months ago at Kum Gang San was just so-so (though they seem to tout it as a specialty). My impression is this place is coasting on its favorable location. I hear the one in Flushing is more on the ball.

                  There's better naeng myun at You-Chun (5 W. 36th, near 5th Ave.), where it really is the specialty. You-Chun also has shops in Flushing and Palisades Park. (The Flushing location is one of a wealth of Korean tips in this informative Outer Boroughs thread from late last year: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/... )

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                    Ah! That was the name of the place I thought of today and forgot what their specialty was! I'll definitely be going there soon. What else is good at You-Chun?

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                      I've had decent wheat noodles in soup. Also a good seafood jigae (stew). Dumplings are good, too. Pancakes and skewered chicken were nothing special.

                2. how about sushi sen-nin? you'd only have to walk up to 33rd st & head towards madison [they moved from 34th st]. I love their sushi, & would not avoid the fish meat but you could if you really want to! Liz

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                  1. Gam Mee Oak is better known for their bean pancakes (bean-dae-duk) and their bone marrow soup (sol-rang-tang). And the nyeng-myun at Dae Dong is better in my opinion. Don't forget to add vinegar, red pepper paste, and spicy mustard (all in moderation if you're not use to it).