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Aug 1, 2006 04:39 PM

Cheap Food secrets

Hey there. I am on a really tight budget. Are there any places that are so cheap they are worth a mention. I am talking about a sit down rather then carry out. Thank you.. keep cool

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  1. Let's see:

    1. Lederhosen, 39 Grove, wurst sandwich and a beer;
    2. Neptune, 1st Ave about 11th, stick to your ribs Eastern European;

    I'll think about more.

    1. Delphi at the corner of Reade St. and West Broadway. They sell a very large (and very good) gyro sandwich (billed as "souvlaki") for $5.00. The front of the place is a glassed-in cafe - great for people watching.

      1. Temple in the Village, a vegetarian place on West 3rd, has some decent Korean food in a salad bar type set-up. Not everything is great, but a lot of it is, and it is 5.99 a pound. I could just eat kimchee pancakes and stirfried watercress for every meal I think.

        Just down the road at Sullivan St., there is the Shade Bar, where you can sit and have a $6 glass of wine and a good $5 crepe with 3 fillings. It's pushing it for CHEAP, but it is sit down, and has a fairly nice atmosphere for not TOO much money.

        1. Do some research into Indian places on eihter Curry Row (East 6th btw. 1st and 2nd) or Curry Hill, in the 20s, eastside, on Lex. or 3rd. Also, look for posts on Chinatown, places like Wo Hop or Doyers Street.

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            None of the cheap "Indian" places on Curry Row is any good, nor is Wo Hop, which is on Mott St.

            devil and I are on the same wavelength. Bo Ky and Great NY Noodletown are excellent suggestions. I'd add East Corner Wonton and similar places (yes, Marco Polo, too) that serve a full meal bowl of noodle soup for some $3.50. XO Cafe on Hester (and presumably the one on Walker) is another one. And you can get a cheap and very good Malaysian meal at Skyway.

            There are Dominican places like El Malecon (branches at Amsterdam between 97th and 98th and on 175th St. near the George Washington Bridge) where you can get any of the daily lunch or dinner specials for some $7.50 with rice and beans.

            Teresa's Polish restaurant on 1st Av. between 6th and 7th Sts. serves a sizeable lunch special on weekdays for about the same price ($7.50). You get soup or salad, a main dish (some come with a side), and coffee, tea, or soda. I like the chicken stew.

            1. re: Pan

              Never really been a fan of Wo Hop's, but I have a few friends who love it. I did like Marco Polo and Skyway, been ages since I have tried different places in CHinatown.

              Same with East 6th, but there have been times when I liked a really cheap Indian place on E. 6th, but usually there is a limited time during which anyone of them is making decent food.

              With the cheap stuff, you need to keep your ear to the ground and eyes on the board.

              It's been while since I went uptown to Pio Pio, but last time I went, it was cheap, good and plentiful.

              1. re: Pan

                El Malecon is awesome! It's the thing I missed most after moving out of that hood. Also, it's my friend's favorite restaurant in all of NYC. No joke.

                1. re: jenhen2

                  Do you have an address or cross streets? Is it Mexican or something else?

                  1. re: Just Larry

                    I gave cross streets above, and mentioned that it's Dominican. The uptown branch is on 175 St. and Broadway, I believe I remember correctly, in case you needed those cross streets.

            2. Chinatown. A bowl of pho for about $5 at any Vietnamese restaurant. I like Pho Tu Do or Pho Grand. Chinese noodles at Marco Polo Noodle Shop. Bo Ky, Great NY Noodletown, Excellent Pork Shop House are all pretty good at around $5.

              Non asian would have to be Mexican: Burritoville, Chipotle, Tehuitzingo, Fresco Tortillas