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Aug 1, 2006 03:51 PM

Spanish Tapas: La Paella or Bar Carrera

Having Spanish Tapas tonight and need some help. Looked at the menu for La Paella and a review for Bar Carrera, and both look great and we can't decide. I was actually in Spain for 10 days earlier this summer and experienced the real thing.

How have people's experiences been at these two places?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. La Paella is gross.... don't do it. you will be very unhappy.
    And Bar Carrera is not a "food" destination, it's a good bar with
    some decent snacks (it does not have a kitchen) They basically
    serve things straight from the jar.

    If you want Tapas, go to Tia Pol. Yes, it can get crowded, but
    it is the closest thing you will find to your trip this summer.

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      We were just in Spain too and I understand well the craving for tapas.
      Tia Pol is great, it's just really crowded so get there early.
      I stuck a review of Pintxos in Tribeca onto this thread:
      I haven't been to Oliva (Houston & Allen) in a while but I remember it being pretty good.
      Zipizape in Williamsburg (Metropolitan & Berry) is a good neighborhood spot for pretty authentic tapas.
      Haven't been to Las Ramblas in the W Vill yet but many seem to like it.

    2. You could also go to Casa mono. I've been there in May and it was good. It is really small so you have to get there early or late or have reservations. You can sit at the bar or at a bar that looks into the kitchen. Probably too hot nowadays to go there. You should call to ask if they have air conditioned.

      1. I also was disappointed last week by La Paella (and I also was in Spain earlier this summer!). The food was fine--not spectacular, but reasonably priced--but the service throughout was rather chilly at best. I don't think the waiter smiled once. And the kicker: my friends and I had just paid the bill but were sitting and chatting a bit. . . and the host asked us to leave as another party was waiting. Tacky, tacky, tacky! We had been dining only about 75 minutes, too. I don't need to go back.

        Had much better food and service at Euzkadi (sp?), where the Baque-style tapas on bread (dunno the real name) were terrific--especially the one with avacado and feta. It's noisy and scene-y, FYI, so going at an off-hour is probably better if you want a romantic or chatty meal.