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Aug 1, 2006 03:02 PM

Korean cold buckwheat noodle soup....

On a hot day like today, I can't help but crave this soup! Where can I find the best version in Little Korea, Toronto?

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  1. I believe you are referring to Naengmyun and I agree, it hits the spot on a day like today. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a place that does this dish in any passable manner -- you've got to find a Korean aunti/ma/grandma who'll make it for you at home. On another note, most of the Korean grocery stores now sell packaged version that you can make at home (not the best, but heck, I would say better than the restos) and u can control the toppings yourself: cold meats, veggies, hardboiled egg. Sorta like ramen, but easier and faster to make at home than ramen.

    good luck! and do let us know if you find a decent naengmyun anywhere in the city

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      Thanks Berbere! I have to agree, my mum made it best. But I'm still hoping to find a passable one downtown. I'll definitely let you know if my hunt is successful!

    2. What about Man Doo Hyung? I'm not sure if I got the name correctly, but its along Yonge, probably north of Cummer/Drewry (on the west side of Yonge, next to the Toyota place). I used to go there for hot noodles as opposed to your cold noodes, and I see a lot of Koreans there having cold noodles. It seems like its pretty authentic there (though I've not tried, I'm not too fond of cold things) since lots of Koreans have it!

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        Thanks! I'll definitely have to try this place out.

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          Here's the more accurate info about the place I was talking about: Man Doo Hyang Dumpling & Noodles House, 6068 Yonge St., North York

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I find the best NaengMyun place in town is just outside of the town. Just north of Galleria mart, there's a little resto called "Chosun Ok", which has Chilk NaengMyun in cold icy broth (more like slush).
          I love NaengMyung and this place is second best place outside of Korea, that I know of.

          1. Thanks for the heads up. Does anyone know offhand if these places mentioned have ja jiang mien or champong on their menu? I went to a place on Spadina that was Taiwanese I think and their ja jiang mien was a disaster. Funny, when I was in college in Atlanta it was actually Chinese restos that offered these dishes and they were outstanding. Come to find out the owners/chefs were ethnic Chinese that had migrated to Korea.

            Thanks in advance.