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Aug 1, 2006 02:55 PM

Quality Meats

I'm going to Quality Meats tonight with a big group for my Grandma's birthday. Any recommendations or opinions?

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  1. Went there in June. It was okay. Didn't get to sample too much. Had the Aged Rib Steak (24oz) on the waiter's recommendation. It was ok, but nothing to write home about. The salads were large, fresh and well dressed. Good fries. One dining companion had the Dover Sole, grilled instead of sauteed and said it was excellent. Another had the Filet Mignon (12oz) and really liked it.

    Its a nice looking place. The service was a little off. For the money I wouldn't go back, but you won't have a bad meal.

    1. I love this place. I've been there twice. I'm told it just opened a couple of months ago which may explain why service was off in June. The service was fantastic the two times I've been in July. There are some great appetizers and sides not found in most steakhouses. Couple of standouts: Green Goddess salad, Bone Marrow, Corn Creme Brulee, Rib Steak, and a good ice cream selection.

      1. I went last night. Its definitely a very cool space and the food is good, but not perfect. They have fabulous bread baked in a frying pan and they brought out deviled eggs that were good too (not sure if this is standard). I started with the avocado and crab which i liked but remembered while i was eating it that im not a huge fan of lump crab. Others were thrilled with the baked clams (a special), bone marrow and shrimp cocktail. Everyone who had steak ordered the bone-in (rib eye i think) and it was huge and they all finished it. Also the lamb with berries was a hit.

        I ordered the salmon and the waiter asked "medium rare?" and i said yes because sometimes when salmon is too rare its a little hard to cut. Then someone else at the table ordered it and the waiter asked him the same thing but he said "very medium" or something. Well i knew this would make mine come out medium and I was right so that was unfortunate. It was a business dinner so i didnt feel comfortable returning it.

        The sides are wonderful especially the gnocci with cheese and the corn creme brulee.