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Aug 1, 2006 02:55 PM

can anyone recommend a restaurant near moma?

coming to ny from sf.

visiting the moma this saturday with the family. can anyone recommend a good lunch spot near this area?

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  1. How bout the restaurants _in_ MOMA? The Modern Bar Room has a great lunch, and even the cafes inside the museum are quite good.

    1. Does your family like Japanese noodle dishes? My standard lunch-near-MoMA spot is Menchanko-tei, on 55th between Fifth & Sixth. It's probably not great if your group is very big, though.

      1. If you want sushi, Sushiya on 56th between 5th & 6th is quite good.

          1. I love the China Grill in the CBS Building (called Black Rock). 60 West 53rd Street. Make sure you try the calamari salad or the duck salad--they are both fantastic and large enough to share. I've always had great food here.