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Best place to get FRESH eggs?

After posting about duck eggs on the general board, I realize that I'm increasingly unhappy with the lack of freshness in the eggs that I buy. I did grow up with chickens lovingly raised by my grandfather, so perhaps I want more from an egg? I currently buy at Berkeley Bowl and Farmer's Markets. I prefer eggs from non-caged chickens. Also, would like eggs with yellow/orangey yolks showing that the hens are getting their dark green veggies. Fertilized or not, not important to me.... perhaps I'm even squeamish about thinking that I'm eating potential chicks?

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  1. Eatwell delivers eggs to Rainbow Grocery, you can also have them put in your CSA box once a week. (I'm not sure if you can sign up just for a egg subscription which might also be a possibility) They raise them out on the fallow land. Marin Sun Farms also has eggs which would work as well which are sold at the Ferry Building market. Word on the street is that they have even darker yolks than the Eatwell eggs.

    1. Marin Sun Farms has the best eggs I have had in the Bay Area. They are so beautiful, they are actually worth the $6.00 a dozen. Orangy yolks, firm whites, and they often come in many different color shells. I know the shell color doesn't affect the egg, but it's nice none the less.

      1. Have you tried Uncle Eddie's cage-free eggs at Berkeley Bowl? They are the best supermarket eggs I have with a nice deep-colored yolk. Sunnyside Cafe uses these eggs and you can just tell.

        I still haven't tried them, but the Sunday Temescal farmers market has organic eggs from free-range chickens that are fed organic stuff and the eggs are hand-gathered. If I make that omelette later, I'll report back.

        1. Marin Sun Farms eggs have forever spoiled me for eggs. They are bright and fresh and delicious, eaten simply plain or used in baked goods. Fortunately Bi-Rite in the mission has started carrying them, so you don't have to try to hit the Farmers Market schedules to get them. Although the SFFP market on Saturday has them until they sell out, and they're in Marin on Thursdays too.
          Rainbow does carry them, but they go fast and I've never had any luck getting them there.
          In a pinch, or if I'm doing a larger production project, Uncle Eddies have done me well. They are available at Whole Foods and my little neighborhood store even has them, which is super convenient.
          If you're in Berkeley, the gentleman at the Tuesday (2-7pm) farmers market has great eggs. If you get there early enough he has a small supply of Araucana eggs (the blue ones), they are beautiful and delicious.
          At Monterey Market, they sometimes have Sky High eggs, these are also great and used to be my stand-by when I lived in the East Bay. Several sizes available and usually a mix of brown with one or two blue ones. So pretty and fresh.

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            Cowgirl Creamery inside the Ferry Building used to have them, but I haven't checked lately. Agreed that these are the best eggs to be found in San Francisco. If you go early to the Ferry building Saturday Farmer's market, you can get the eggs with the prettiest shells...not that it matters, but so pretty!

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              I'm sorry, but which of the four I described are you speaking of? CG creamery would be a great option for eggs during no market time frames.

          2. My favorite eggs available in the Bay Area come from B&B farms. They are amazing: golden yolks, rich whites, complex flavors, everything an egg should be. Unfortunately, their eggs are seasonal and are only available in the Spring and sometimes early Summer (as we had about two weeks of Spring this year they were available for a very brief time). They come to the Saturday Berkeley Farmers' market but they aren't very realiable. But when you can find them, buy them, because they are incredible.

            I'd give a close second to Marin Sun Farms, which wins points for greater availability. They are certainly the gold standard in terms of Bay Area eggs, but I have a slight preference for B&B when I can find them. Unfortunately, I haven't found a source for Marin Sun Farms in the East Bay.

            In the East Bay, after B&B I like Three Wise Hens available through the Highland Hill Farmers' Market stand (in Berkeley, Tues Thurs and Sat). Not quite as heavenly as B&B, but a few degrees of magnitude above Art Davis. Again, availability is variable, best to ask Ted when he thinks he'll have some and get there early. They are certainly more available then B&B.

            For store bought eggs, I like the Araucana they often have at the Cafe Rouge meat market. Fresh, good flavor and I'm a sucker for the blue shells. They don't refrigerate them, which is what sets them above other store bought eggs (refrigeration kills the flavor).

            I'm not a big fan of Art Davis. His eggs taste off to me and I've received spoiled eggs from him on more than one occasion.

            I still haven't tried the eggs at the Temescal market. I'll probably make it out there in the next week or two.

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              I finally tried the eggs from Glaum's who sells at Temescal. It was a nice egg with a lemon-yellow yolk. The thing that really struck me about them was the brown shell, I've never seen a prettier one with a lovely deep, even brown color.

              I'm not one to really ask about taste. Eggs taste all the same to me as I've said a million times and I did my usual barbarian cooking and nuked my 'fried' egg ... nuked two of them since I over-nuked the first one. Maybe I'll boil the next egg since I can do that.

            2. Just a thought you might want to try:
              I live in the middle of Austin, TX and we keep a small flock (3-5) of hens in our yard. This website is very useful if you want to try:
              The eggs are great. And the hens are very entertaining. They are not difficult to keep, either. Most cities allow a small flock (there are birds in your yard anyway.)

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                I think Marin Sun Farm Eggs are hands down the best egg I have tried in the Bay Area. Note they have had a bit of a supply problem the last few weeks, there were none at all last saturday.

                Cowgirl indeed stock them too, and it is worth checking if there are none on the Marin Sun stand. But last Saturday, early (I arrived before 8) they were both out.

                If Marin Sun Farm are out then I get 3 wise hens from Eatwell, and although I love those farmers, I have to say their eggs aren't as good as Marin Sun Farms, whose chickens are only kept on pasture as I understand it. I am not sure that the Eatwell ones are. Even though they cost the same, they are much smaller and yolks are paler. Marin sun farms yolks on the other hand are deep and golden and they just taste so eggy. Just like you imagine an egg should taste. At 50 cents an egg, I think they are worth every penny.

                oh, and this is an interesting, relevant photo from my archives:
                Marin Sun Farm eggs v Judy's Family Farm Old Fashioned Organic from Wholefoods. The darker yolk is marin sun farms of course.

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                  I think Uncle Eddie's are better than Judy's. If I can't get Marin Sun Farms, I get Eddie's. Just this morning as I was reading some of the posts, I was eating a soft-boiled Uncle Eddie's. Not as good as MSF, but still yummy.

              2. another option: Nash at the Allemany Farmer's Market on Saturdays. Solo farmer, very committed, wonderful eggs (and quaint packaging; he carefully layers them in a paper bag for you with straw to cushion). Nash also makes great olive oil. He's worth the visit for another reason: he's openly scornful of people he deems unworthy of his products. It's hilarious. He was selling fresh, uncured olives one morning and when I bought a bag he basically laughed at me. Don't know why I find this endearing instead of offensive--I actually take offense pretty easily. Maybe it's because it's so silly. And because his products really are wonderful.

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                  I like Nash too. I remember the eggs in the straw but don't remember if I tried them or not. I'll give them a try next time I'm at the market.

                2. Riverdog Farm just started selling eggs; I got some yesterday at the Berkeley Farmers market, and they're excellent. A little small, but bright orange yolks, good eggy flavor, and very pretty shells. They're $6 a dozen, which is more expensive than all of the other eggs at the Berkeley Farmers market, though.

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                    That was exactly what I was going to say!
                    Yesterday was the first time they had them at market, but they have 200 chickens now, and are hoping to add to that number.
                    They are free-range and have a wide ranging diet including all the little critters/insects on the farm, thus accounting for the truly insane color of the yolks. If all eggs looked like this, orange would certainly be used to describe egg yolks and not yellow.
                    I personally think the price is made up for in flavor, but I also think they are planning to drop that a dollar when things get rolling.

                  2. Another option is the produce mkt on Jerrold in SF. Buy them as they were delivered from the farm by the flat. Cheap and Fresh.

                    1. Eatwell Farms/Three Wise Hens is finally back in major production with the good weather. Their hens weren't happy and they dropped CSA customers to 6 eggs per week during the winter but I got a notice that we can now have 1 dozen or maybe even more, and they mentioned they'll sell the extras at the Ferry Plaza or Rainbow Grocery. I assume any limited supplies Marin Sun Farms has had will be lifting now too with the warm sunny weather.