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Aug 1, 2006 01:57 PM

Dinner in Burlingame or San Mateo?

I'm picking up a friend and his 9 year old son at SFO and having dinner before they head down to Menlo Park. Need somewhere with good food, not too surburban, quiet enough to catch up, and where a kid would be welcomed. I thought about driving up to the City but don't want to deal with traffic at rush hour. All suggestions very welcomed.

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  1. Just finished a trip to Burlingame and enjoyed Kincaid's Bayhouse, 60 Bayview Place in B'game. The food was very good and the service excellent. It was a tad on the noisy side, but was quite busy at the 8:45 seating. Still, not too noisy to "catch up," which is what we did with friends from San Jose. While a bit more "touristy," than the two below, it was worth the time & $. We'll be stopping in again in Sept, when we just fly in & out, as they serve until ~10:30 PM and we have late arriving flights.

    In San Mateo, we did Viognier (in Drager's) and it was excellent, all the way 'round. Much more tranquil a spot, though there was one rather loud party. The waitstaff "shushed" them more than once. Their tasting menu was excellent and the wine service above par. The environment is a lot better for verbal reflection, and while I did not see any children, I think that they would be welcome. We'd done lunch there a year ago, and am glad that we were able to work in dinner, as it was well worth the few miles drive. We WILL be back next time we have more than a night in B'game. We did several restaurants in the city, including Michael Mina's and Gary Danko, and Viognier came in at a strong third-place. Not bad for being in such company!

    Nine months (?) ago, we did 231 Ellsworth, also in San Mateo, and it was very good. Maybe a bit dark for children, but great food, wine and service. Did not have time for another trip last week, but again, we'll be back.


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      My daughter (then 9 yrs old) thought 231 Ellsworth was too dark, but she liked the dessert sampler. She liked Viognier's atmosphere better.

    2. Do they like sushi? I really enjoyed Sushi Sam in San Mateo. And it's definitely kid friendly place to go. There are plenty of restaurants in downtown San Mateo.