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Senor Lucky's in Santa Fe

Has anyone been here recently? I would love to hear a report...food, service, value. Thanks!

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  1. I go there about once every 2 weeks and love it! They have great roasted jalapeno Cheeseburgers...And really good, Green chile Mac and cheese. Incredible Calamari appetizer, the best calamari I've ever had with 2 unique dipping sauces. The service is just as good here as it is anywhere else, casual. And very resonable for a prime downtown location.

      1. Great information. Many thanks!

        1. I've hit there for lunch a few times, and am grateful for the reminder. I've found it to be pricey, but the food is interesting and fun if somewhat "shi-shi". The service was fine, but I've never been bowled over there by it.

          1. We ate dinner at Senior Lucky's with a group of eight over Memorial Day weekend. We were given a table in the middle of a traffic pattern (I realize they don't have that many tables for eight) but we got tired of loud groups coming from the patio passing over our shoulders. Our waitress was less than interested in serving us and it seems like the meal took forever. Just to get drinks took almost 30 minutes and they weren't really that busy. The food was just okay, nothing outstanding at all. I doubt I would go back. There are too many other great restaurants in Santa Fe!!!!

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              Did you say anything to a manager? This can happen at any restaurant. Senor Lucky's is a very reasonably priced restaurant with innovative food in a high rent district.

            2. Thank you for the information!

              1. My experiences at Senor Lucky's have been more like that described by jlfischer above. Place has been usually about half full and we a party of two or four. Service was all over the place; if there was a large party near by, drinks could take 20 minutes. (I won't wait that long and I'll go to the bar and start grabbing things I know we ordered and take them to the table. Tell a manager, Jeff? WHAT manager!).

                That said, I can second the praise posted for their pasta version of Mac 'n Cheese; an outstanding dish. All of the food is good though the service always has me thinking, "where else can we go..."

                And, yes it is slightly on the pricey side.

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                  I am glad you did praise the place for their version of Mac and Cheese. Being in the biz myself, there are always managers or owners on hand to assist you if there is a problem, They need to know, so they know there is a problem. I have made simple suggestions or even complained and been rewarded with a thanks, some comped food and even a gift certificate. Try it, next time.

                  1. We've only been to Senor Lucky's once (so far), for a rather disappointing and pretty expensive lunch. This was long enough ago, I've forgotten what either of us had, but we were both disappointed and haven't been back. Both were specialties recommended here & elsewhere.

                    Place still gets good buzz, though there are disappointed customers, too. Plus it's a pain to find close parking during the season (or anytime, really).

                    Cheers -- Pete Tillman

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                      I am really surprised at how many people out there, really think this place is expensive. Hey, It's a nice place. Have you seen the dining room and to imagine you can buy an entree for lunch for under $10 bucks! People, c'mon get real...This place is in the high rent district. There is parking around the corner in several of the pay lots. I think Senor Lucky's is far better than any other restaurant Downtown in this price range. The next best, one step up...In price, service and atmosphere...Is without a doubt, Santacafe.

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                        All fair comments, Jeff. As to the tariff, no it's not Geronimo-pricey but for what they serve it is (as I tried to say), slightly pricey. That excellent Mac 'n Cheese dish at I think $11.95 is maybe a dollar or two high. It would NOT keep me from returning. I make note of prices but rarely are they a deciding factor. Now, service or "indifference" on the part of staff/management, that's another issue altogether.

                    2. Just to let you know, I do understand where you are coming from. The Mac and Cheese is $10. Here is the menu link- http://www.senorluckys.com/menuHTML.html
                      as for the service, let them know...they are grateful when you bring it to their attenntion. I am the first one to complain to management about lack of service or great service. It really makes a differance someetimes. Thanks!