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Aug 1, 2006 10:43 AM

Ft Greene, private party for 40, wintertime?

Dear hounders, I have carefully read other posts on the topic of private rooms/parties in Bklyn. But the posts on Ft. Greene have been unclear. Can anyone tell me if they know of a restaurant that has a private room for, or will shut down for, a party of 40? (It's in December, so no patios.) I have my eye on iCi, Liquors, Olea, Scopello, or Veliis, but am very open to other ideas. Thanks!

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  1. Restaurant Gia is now a catering service and party space. I was there when they were serving to the public and the food was very good and the space is beautiful. I'd give them a call.

    1. Well, we were planning to go to Ici on Sat night but found they were closed for a wedding. Why not just call around/eat around and then see which one you like best.

      1. Just an FYI, Liquors is closed.

        1. Thanks a lot for the suggestions/info. I am currently living overseas, so am trying to do some research (for a wedding rehearsal dinner) ahead of time. I appreciate your help!

          1. i would try shebeen. it's s south african restaurant on dekalb. they may have enough room and they have great rum punch!

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              shebeen is fun but its pretty funky for a rehearsal dinner unless your crowd is really informal - think about whether they would like to drink out of pint canning jars (they use something like that) also the food is very uneven.