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Aug 1, 2006 09:38 AM

RW reviews for lunch at 11 Madison, Gramercy, Fleur De Sel, Tocqueville, or Gotham?

*sigh* Some help needed.

Background basics so I can wallow in my post: I'm trying to pick which place to go with my visiting parents for lunch. A couple of caveats:

1. They're in town from LA. That means, Chinese and Mexican food suck here, so none of that, no sirree.

2. They don't want anything "too much of a bother," (no Per Se) but several steps up from a shrug. In other words, they'd like something just right but don't know it til they see (and taste) it.

3. They've just come back from a vacation in France and Italy where they had some pretty good food. Lupa, on my mom's last visit, was pronounced "fine" but way too salty (I agree with the saltiness. That's for another post).

4. We're going to Ushi or Yasuda over the wknd, and I wanted to give them a different (but delicious!) experience for Monday lunch.

I've settled on some of the prix-fixe/extended RW lunches as a good solution. Short of checking them out by myself (and I'm 100% serious about that), I was hoping ppl on this board could chime in with their lunch experiences during RW at these places.

I know, I know, RW tends to serve dumbed-down food...but for the price, reputation for consistency in food prep, and ambience, that's what I'm shooting for.

Please save me from 1) gorging myself silly over a few days to find a great lunch for my parents or 2) unimpressed parents who will turn their disinterest in their food into interest in my employment (lack thereof) status.

Now to search the boards for Sunday dinner...

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  1. Can't go wrong with the food anyhere. 11 madison has such an impressive room; G Tavern a bit less so, then Gotham. Fleur de Sel is far less impressive in that vein. I've never been to Touquville.

    You're family had a hell of a food budget...

    1. I had my best RW lunch at Eleven Madison Park. My father is still talking about how perfectly the salmon was prepared.

      It doesn't appear that they are among the restaurants extending Restaurant Week (according to Open Table and nycvisit, that is), but they do have two $32 tasting menus at lunch.

      1. i've been taking advantage of fleur de sel's $25 prix fixe for a while. and they are always quite good. you can always add an extra course from the a la carte menu, too.

        1. Eleven Madison is the best meal I've had in a long time in the city. I went for dinner, but the quality of the food and service, I'm certain transcends dining times. Nearly perfect.

          1. EMP has always made a strong case for dining during Restaurant Week. I didn't go there this time around (first in awhile), but had a long lunch there just before RW, with the new chef at the helm. Incredible meal.

            Fleur de sel is a remarkably boring room in comparison.

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              I agree. Both have great food but if you care about ambiance, Fleur isn't so dazzling. I'm leaning toward 11 Madison.