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Aug 1, 2006 08:51 AM

Urth: seriously, people, why do I even bother?

Yes, they have some good espresso and coffee, especially given that it's in LA.

Really, is it worth the 20-30 minutes of waiting? I apparently thought so Saturday evening after work. But, then again, there's nothing else open in BH in the evening, and I felt like I needed the caffeine boost to get through my next shift at MOCA.


I waited for a good 20-25 minutes to have my order *taken*-- not even filled! Filling the order (a single espresso macchiato) took another 5-10 minutes or so. Was it busy at the Urth on Beverly Blvd.? Not particularly. Was it understaffed? There were 5 people at the counter! What in the world were they doing? They clearly *WEREN'T* taking or filling orders in a timely manner. They just stood around and looked at people in the line without making any motion to help them get away from the building with their caffeine doses.

Again, why did I even bother? Even finding parking there-- despite it being generally dead in BH weekend evenings-- was an ordeal.

What's worse is that pretty much all branches of Urth is like this. What are we, as busy Angelenos, thinking when we patronize these places that put time limits on our caffeine and food enjoyment and have so many other drawbacks?

Urth Cafes need to rethink their practices.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sounds like Starbucks has nothing to worry about, but then if Starbucks depended on me for business they'd be very worried.

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      1. re: ilikefood

        What do Starbucks shops have to do with it? I suppose they tend to have better turnover rates, but I very rarely go to them.

        1. re: PseudoNerd

          One thing about Starbucks, they have great service.

          Fast and friendly. And nice.

          The service at Starbucks is way better than the coffee at Starbucks. I actually think their service is the secret of their success (in terms of popularity, anyway).

      2. Hmmm. You waited 30 minutes for a coffee drink while folks behind the counter let you cool your heels and did nothing in that 30 minutes to expedite your order. Were they experiencing technical difficulties?
        Otherwise, this sounds like a typical Los Angeles restaurant experience. Service personnel just don't care - (what's in it for me?) the line shows that customers don't mind waiting, however the management is allowing this lack of service and bad attitude to continue. Makes you wonder if they even know what's going on. Your post reminds me of another post complaining about rude service as part of the schtick. The only probelm is, you didn't get any schtick. All you wanted was your coffee drink in a reasonable time frame. If you do nothing, you'll get the same experience again. If you tell them, you may or may not receive the kind of answer you're looking for, but you'd get it off your chest. Write a letter or send an email, then let us know what happens.
        Here is the contact information:
        Shallom Berkman
        Phone: (213) 745-3666 x10
        Fax: (213) 745-3686

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        1. re: OneJayneDoe

          I rarely have anything but friendly service at Urth, but I also never go in the evening. I am not saying that Urth is fast; if I want a fast caffeine fix, I'd head across the street to Peet's. But do contact the owners and let them know about your experiences. They have been very responsive and available and concerned about quality and service in the past.