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Aug 1, 2006 08:15 AM

Birthday dinner near Northridge?

Looking for a decent restaurant in this area. Open to various types of restaurants. Any ideas?

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  1. Italian - Alessio (Reseda Blvd)
    Chinese - A&W Seafood (Reseda Blvd)
    Greek - Alexis (Tampa & Nordhoff)
    Sushi - Hyakumi (Plummer & Corbin) or Yanagi (Corbin near Nordhoff)
    Argentinian - Buenos Aires Grille (Corbin & Nordhoff)

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    1. re: markn

      I agree with the Alessio rec. Very good Italian food in a nice setting. I love their Veal Pizzaiola! Yum!

    2. Well, this is my stomping grounds and unfortunately there's not much. Depends on what you want tho. I love Brent's Deli(Corbin and Parthenia). Chow chum and I also take the extra effort to go to Simi and eat at Red's BBQ (Sycamore exit double left onto Cochran and into shopping center on R side.(805) 581-9076 We always share a combo-he does the meat and I the chicken. We get 3 sides and the caesar salad. It's plenty and we walk away with under 30$ for 2!. If you like Indian, Punjab has a great buffet for 11.95$. Nordhoff and Shirley just behind the mall. If you like Japanese, go to this little place at Reseda/Devonshire called Shogun Sushi. CSUN is not in session now so, you may just get seated w/o having to wait forever! The food is worth it Cheap and good. I love the sushi and chum loves the chicken teriyaki. :) KQ

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      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        Tons of good casual dining or hole in the wall spots in Northridge but in terms of fancier places Alessio is pretty much it.

      2. We like Maria's Kitchen.

        Good basic Italian. Great Bread with olive oit and Balsamic Vinerar caraffs on the table. Great Carbonare and a pretty good Cesar Salad.

        1. Rosie's BBQ on Tampa and Nordhoff

          Musashi sushi & teppan on Rinaldi and Tampa (in porter ranch center)

          Maria's Italian Kitchen

          Alessio on Reseda bet Lassen & Plummer

          Hot's Cantina Reseda and Devonshire next to LA Fitness- INNOVATIVE FRESH MEXICAN has some great fusion too TRY IT! (they just changes the name and havent added the menu to the site yet)

          1. I will be at Allesio in about 2 hours for a birthday dinner. It is always good.